Kate Gosselin Pretends to Celebrate Birthday with Her Kids

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Kate Gosselin turned 44 years old on March 28.

And the polarizing reality star really wants you to think she celebrated the occasion with her kids.

Kate Gosselin and a Cake

The mother of eight shared the above and below photos on her Instagram page in honor of this birthday, writing as a caption to them all:

So this is 44.... I was acting silly because my kids insisted on taking pictures lol! We had a fun day!

We're very glad to hear this, of course, if it's actually the case.

Kate has been very quiet on social media over the past several months while she and Jon once again battle for custody of their kids.

The latter actually now has legal custody of son Collin after Kate failed to show up at a hearing in December during which a judge was going to decide on the child's circumstances.

Without Kate present, Collin was temporarily awarded to Jon.

Kate Gosselin Turns 44

For the past year or so, meanwhile, daughter Hannah has also been living with her father, despite Kate having legal custody in her case.

Moreover, court documents submitted by Jon and his legal team in October paint a very dark portrait of Kate.

They actually read as follows:

“It would not be in the best interests of the minor child…to have independent time with mother or to have mother share legal custody of the minor child."

Jon is saying here that he thinks Kate is a danger to her son, which goes way beyond the occasional mean Tweet or barb about his ex-wife; it's very serious, legal business.

Kate Gosselin By Herself

We're not taking sides or anything here, as we've mocked both parties plenty of times in the past:

Jon for being a neglectful dad and Kate for being an exploitive mother.

This is all just a lengthy preamble for why we sort of question whether any of Kate's kids were actually with her on her birthday. She doesn't seem to be on great terms with them right now and... well...

... they are ALL behind the camera? There's no photo at all of a single one with his or her mom?

Kate Gosselin: A Photo

Then again, we do know that twins Mady and Cara are getting along well with their mother right now, for business purposes at the very least.

They'll play key roles on the upcoming Kate Gosselin dating show, which we really wish was a thing we were just making up.

“We’ve been nudging her to date for years,” Mady told press members gathered a couple months back about this project. “She deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.”

This series will premiere in June and not feature any sextuplets because Jon says he wouldn't allow it.

“I didn’t sign their work permits," Jon has said of the program and the role of his younger children, adding:

"That’s why they can’t film. They came to me and I was like, ‘No, I’m not signing that.'"

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