The Bachelor Women Tell All: What Did We Learn?!?

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We know a couple things that were NOT discussed during this week's Women Tell All special, which aired six days prior to The Bachelor season finale:

  1. What it was like to have sex with Colton Underwood, since the star has never done this deed.
  2. What it's like to be head over heels in love with Colton, since it seems like every other suitor has left the show of her own volition due to a lack of strong feelings.

This second point isn't literally the case, of course, but just this past Monday, betting favorite Cassie Randolph chose to walk away rather than risk a proposal from Underwood.

What does Cassie think now of her decision?

What do other women think of Colton and their experience overall?

Scroll down for a recap of this explosive and emotional tell-all...

1. What Colton Present for This Special?

What Colton Present for This Special?
Yes, he sat and talked with Chris Harrison for a bit about the season, which has seen him shed many tears and even flee from the cameras by jumping over a fence that surrounds the Bachelor mansion at one point.

2. Did He Sleep with Anyone During the Special?

Did He Sleep with Anyone During the Special?
What? No. What a weird question. He's a virgin.

3. Let's Get to the Bombshells!

Let's Get to the Bombshells!
We need to start with Courtney and Demi -- because they argued for a bit before Courtney actually approached her rival and shoved a pacifier in her mouth.

4. Pardon? A Pacifier?!?

Pardon? A Pacifier?!?
Yes. The women proceeded to throw the baby accessory back and forth at each other as Demi yelled for security and Courtney told her to take a time out.

5. See! Look!

See! Look!
“You act like a child,” Courtney said. “All you did was constantly open your mouth about other people. Anytime I had an issue with you, I pulled you aside.”

6. What About Onyeka and Nicole?

What About Onyeka and Nicole?
On the specicla, Nicole once again saud Onyeka bullied her, to which Onyeka tried to give her a vocabulary lesson – "The definition of bully is someone who intentionally tries to intimidate someone that they believe is inferior to them" – and asked Nicole for an example. When Nicole attempted to give her one, Onyeka went all Ariana Grande and replied: "Thank you, next."

7. Katie on the Attack

Katie on the Attack
Katie claimed that Caelynn and Cassie talked being the next Bachelorette on the bus from the airport to the hotel in Singapore. Caelynn said Katie misinterpreted that conversation, while Katie and then Kirpa alleged that Caelynn slid into a former male contestant's DMs.

8. Chris Harrison Tried to Be Oprah

Chris Harrison Tried to Be Oprah
He gave Nicole a one-year supply of ice cream because she cries a lot, and the ruined the gesture by going: “This is my Oprah moment. You get ice cream, you get ice cream, you get ice cream, everybody gets ice cream."

9. Sydney Asked THE Question

Sydney Asked THE Question
Is Colton still a virgin? Sydney exchanged some sexual-innuendo banter back and forth with Colton after bringing this topic up and then Harrison took a poll of the group to see who thought Colton wa still a virgin and only a few raised their hands.

10. Hannah B. Cleared the Air

Hannah B. Cleared the Air
Hannah B. refused to get into the specifics of her beef with Caelynn. She simply said that the two don’t mix, but they’re “good” now. Caelynn seconded that sentiment, saying the ex-besties are in a place to at least support each other.

11. And Teased Being the Next Bachelorette?

And Teased Being the Next Bachelorette?
Hannah joined Chris Harrison in the hot seat to talk about growing, never settling and realizing what she deserves. She noted that the process allowed her to see what she wants, while the host added: “Here’s to you finding fierce love.” (As the next Bachelorette?!?)

12. Colton Was Not Much Help

Colton Was Not Much Help
Caelynn asked for closure, but Colton still could not give her a reason for their break-ip. In addition, he confessed that he was so quiet during the split because he “felt terrible.”

13. And Courtney Did Not Offer Any Words... At All

And Courtney Did Not Offer Any Words... At All
Harrison offered Courtney a chance to say her piece to Colton -- and she still did not utter a word after her season-long hesitation to speak with him one-on-one.

14. So... What Can We Expect on the Finale?

Check out the above trailer to find out!

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