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Colton Underwood may have just dropped a vital clue at who wins his season of The Bachelor.

And we are kind of losing it. 

Head’s up, this is clearly a spoiler!! 

Colton Underwood: Peace!
Photo via Instagram

On Thursday the paparazzi got photos of Colton leaving a gym in California with none other than Gregg Sulkin.

AKA contestant Cassie Randolph’s sister’s boyfriend. 

And if you saw the hometown episode last week, then you already know Cassie and her sister Michelle are extremely close.

Cassie Randolph and sister
Photo via Instagram

If hometowns wasn’t enough proof, go check out the Huntington Beach native’s Instagram profile which is loaded with pics of her and her lookalike sis.

The fact that the two have a best friend like relationship only makes sense that they would want the same from their boyfriends.

And anyway, it would be a little odd if the bachelor was spotted hanging out with a contestant’s friend if that person didn’t win, right?

Either way, fans are freaking out over these photos on Twitter. 

Colton Underwood and Gregg
Photo via Instagram

One user wrote, "did paparazzi photos of Gregg Sulkin, who’s dating Cassie Randolph’s sister Michelle, with Colton Underwood accidentally just spoil the Bachelor."

And we think it 100% did. 

But if for some lame reason you missed Monday night’s episode, then you know that Cassie left the show after her dad randomly arrived in Portugal to share his thoughts on his daughter’s potential engagement.

Challenging her with real-world views insisting he doesn’t think she is truly "in love." (A+ dad as much as we hate to admit it.)

After their talk, Cassie broke up with Colton claiming she couldn’t make up her mind and fully commit to their relationship.

Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

Even though she finally revealed that she loved him… 

We were shocked, but also not really because ABC teased the 23-year-old crying in the limo over and over again all season long.

Oh along with Colton jumping the fence which thank God finally happened! 

Colton Underwood Cries in Paradise

And yep, it was over Cassie’s sudden exit. Meaning he didn’t make it to the fantasy suites with the blonde beauty. 

So we totally understand his anger. 

He did, however, have his first and only sleepover with Tayshia Adams.

Tayshia Adams Selfie
Photo via Instagram

And though the two broke previous boundaries together (skydiving!) to conquer their fear of heights, Colton’s boundaries in the bedroom remain intact.

"We didn’t have, like, the physical intimacy that I wanted," she admitted to the cameras the following morning noting she picked up on how nervous he seemed to be. 

Colton also confessed that he was not in love with Tayshia, but falling in love with her. 

Cassie Randolph

But if anything is clear after Monday night’s event, it is that Cassie has the former football star’s heart.

He repeatedly begged her not to leave, promising that she is the one and that he is willing to be patient while Cassie makes up her damn mind.

But if you’re pulling for Cassie, don’t fret.

The pic of Colton and Gregg Sulkin smiling after a sweaty day at the gym proves that we have not seen the last of Cassie. 

Cassie Randolph Photo
Photo via ABC

In fact, they are probably planning their wedding right this second!

Ok, I guess I shouldn’t get too excited, we still have TWO more nights of the finale which airs Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12 on ABC.

Pass the Pinot, we’re ready.