The Voice Recap: Is John Legend the Best Coach Yet?

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The Voice Season 16 continued on Monday night. 

We met some of the best performers of the season, and also some of the worst. 

With Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend as the coaches, there was some solid feedback and some big twists. 

John Legend on The Voice

Who was the best performer of the night?

Have a look below. 

Jacob Maxwell - “Delicate” (Team John)

Kelly was immediately enamored with Jacob's voice, but she wanted to know more about the person singing. 

As such, she turned around and attempted to find out more. While his voice was not astounding, there was something there. 

John was the lucky victor who got to take Jacob on to his own team. 

Adam Levine Has Platinum Hair

Karly Moreno -  “Starving” (Team Adam)

Karly was a real hoot. She appeared on the stage and had the judges wanting more. 

Adam compared her vocals to Regina Spektor, and she loved every single minute of it. 

“I think what you do is going to be seriously underestimated,” Adam said, before taking her over to his team. 

Talon Cardon - “Say You Won’t Let Go” (Team John) 

Talon was the real surprise of the night. His performance was lackluster. 

It was down to nerves for sure. He was scared to face both the viewers and the judges. 

John turned his chair, and it's difficult to imagine what made the first-time coach do it. 

There was nothing about the performance that made me think he would have any staying power in the competition. 

Look for him to make an early exit. 

Talon Cardon on The Voice Season 16

Patrick McAloon - “Runaway Train” (Team Adam)

Don't rule this father out. Patrick was a real surprise. He showed up on the stage, wasted no time in belting his heart out. 

He does have the potential to go far, but it all depends on whether he will be able to adapt to the competition. 

Jej Vinson - “Passionfruit” (Team Kelly)

Monday's installment saved the best for last with Jej opening up about his original plans to become a doctor. 

However, the music bug emerged as the constant in his life, and he gave up his plans. 

His voice was the strongest I've heard on the show in quite some time. 

Kelly Clarkson as Voice Coach

He joined Team Kelly Clarkson. 

What did you think of the performances? 

Who will not be able to stand the test of time?

The Voice continues Tuesday at 8/7c. 

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