The Bachelor Recap: You Don't Just Microwave Relationships

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Colton Underwood went up against his greatest obstacle to date on ABC's The Bachelor this week.

Bachelor spoilers alert: No, we're not talking about a woman's bra clasp. Those can be tricky though.

Colton Blindfolded

We're talking about the fathers of his potential wives, as Colton traveled to the hometowns of his final four and met their loved ones on this intense installment.

Let's start with Cassie, shall we?

Colton went surfing with the woman many believe will be his final choice (sorry: The Bachelor spoilers alert!)  in her California hometown.

He questioned how she felt about him, to which she replied that she just wanted to be totally certain of her answer before she gave it.

annoyed cassie

Cassie later confessed to her sister that she was not to the point where she would accept a proposal -- but “maybe” she was falling in love.

Howwver, when Colton arrived at Cassie’s house to meet her family, it became clear that her dad, Matt, wasn't feeling the same.

“I didn’t have a strong initial opinion of Colton because I don’t like to draw judgment to quickly,” Matt said, adding:

“I could tell Colton was being affectionate with Cassie. I don’t know if that’s what he does with all the girls he goes out with. We don’t know him."

"He seemed like a … guy.”

ouch, colton

That much is true. We can verify.

Things only get more uncomfortable when Cassie sits down with her father and he questioned the romance.

“I’m not dumb! You have to know I’m being smart about this whole thing,” she said. “I just want you to trust me.”

Later, when Colton asked for permission to propose... he was REJECTED.

Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor

“I think that a lifelong commitment, that’s big and shouldn’t be taken at all lightly because it is forever in my opinion,” the very well-reasoned father said.

“Too often I think it’s done without enough thought. As far as the hand in marriage, that would be a premature blessing.”

Colton tried to argue that he thought he and Cassie could have a "great life" together, but she didn't even sound as if she agreed.

“I want to be 100% percent confident in anything I’m going to say to you, that’s really important to me,” she told The Bachelor.

“I’m really excited about where everything can go.”

Well... alright then.

with Tayshia

Did things go any better with Tayshia?

Joking that it was time for "payback" after the bungee jumping in Thailand, first this hopeful winner took Colton skydiving.

They survived, made out and then Colton told Tayshia he was falling in love with her.

Once at her house, Underwood got to know her mom, dad and two brothers.

Tayshia Adams Selfie

“You say you’re falling in love with her, that’s a strong word,” the father said, elaborating to Colton:

“You seem like a smart man, so I’m sure you can pick the right words."

"Sometimes if somebody is falling back on the default word of saying ‘falling in love,’ that’s the wrong thing to be doing. You’re just creating a web.”

Again, insightful stuff, made even more insightful by what this dude said to his daughter:

"You don’t microwave relationships! That’s what’s going on."


Unlike with Cassie's dad, though, Colton did get the answer he was seeking after sitting down for his visit.

“I am content with saying yes to Colton at this point,” the father said, blessing wise. “Colton has promised me a few things, and I feel confident he’s genuine and sincere.”

And now we head to Fredericksburg, Virginia with Colton and Caelynn.

The latter warned Colton about her giant family during (which does NOT include her biological father) during a romantic carriage ride.

we're home!

These relatives all seemed very nice, but also very skeptical.

“Colton is having to go family to family, so I have to find out just how sincere he is in this relationship with my daughter,” stepdad John said, later asking Colton how he knew he was "right" for Caelynn.

“I don’t yet,” Colton replied.

“I think there’s still a lot of things we still have to discover and find out about each other to have the confidence to know that this could end in an engagement.”


Underwood admitted he didn't know what the future held for himself and Caelynn, but John still said he was down with an engagement.

“I feel very comfortable in supporting both of them,” he told the camera.

We end with Hannah G. in Birmingham, Alabama, saying he'ss “showing [Colton] what the South is all about” with an etiquette class.

Although it’s apparent that Colton is less than excited (and maybe a little insulted) at the idea of spending the day learning everything he does wrong in life, he smiled through the endeavor like a boss.

with hg

And then he got a chance to relax because Hannah's family was just so very chill.

Because Hannah is an only child, she relied on the advice of her cousins, best pals and mom to help her decide if Colton is the right person for her or not.

Naturally, they all loved him.

“I’m not hiding the fact that there are still other women here. With your daughter, from the very moment that I met her, I could tell she was somebody special,” Colton told Hannah's dad.

Could he get his blessing to propose?

“I never really thought about this, wow, that blows me away a little bit actually,” the dad says. “If it continues working the way it is, I’d give you my blessing for sure.”

So... who's heart was broken at the rose ceremony?

Unlike ABC, we won't draw this out: Caelynn was sent home. For good this time.

“I’m just blindsided, I guess,” she said. “I just saw it. I saw it.”

Colton comforted his fourth place finished, but didn't ever give a clear reason as to why he choe to send her packing.

Instead, he let her cry on his shoulder before helping her inside the car.

Next week: Fantasy suite time. Will Colt bust the inaugural nut??

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