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The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel always claps back at haters, and that includes ex-husband Jason Hoppy.

The two are locked in a tense custody battle.

In court on Monday, Bethenny accused Jason of abusive behavior towards both her late dog and towards their young daughter.

Bethenny Frankel with Jason Hoppy
Photo via Henry S. Dziekan III

Ahead of the custody trial on Monday, Bethenny Frankel was seen FaceTiming with her 8-year-old daughter, Bryn.

“I love you so much,” she told her child.

Though Jason apologized to Bethenny in court, he continues to insist that she undergo drug testing in light of the death of Dennis Shields.

Bethenny is seeking full custody of Bryn, saying that shared custody is no longer working for anyone — including Bryn.

She says that Jason’s behavior is detrimental to Bryn’s well-being and to her relationship with Bethenny.

Page Six reports on what Bethenny’s attorney describes of Jason’s allegedly abusive behavior during their marriage.

“[He was] physically pulling the child away from Ms. Frankel,” Bethenny accuses.

That “manhandling” sounds alarming on multiple levels.

On a less scary but still not great level, Jason was allegedly “leaving negative articles out about Ms. Frankel, [and] doesn’t flush the toilet.”

And some of his accused abusive behavior was directed at Bethenny’s late dog, Cookie.

“[He] locked up Cookie in a storage closet,” Bethenny’s attorney alleges. “And wouldn’t reveal her whereabouts for hours.”

Bethenny says that the couple’s current custody arrangement is “no longer viable” because of Jason’s behavior.

She says that, at one point, he sent her as many as 500 emails in a span of 90 days.

As he did during their marriage, Jason allegedly continues to insult and degrade Bethenny’s looks, age, and mental health.

“Ugh, that’s what 43 years old looks like, you’re a sad and miserable woman,” Jason is said to have said. “You look desperate.”

That is a very toxic statement to make to anyone.

The bigger concern is what he may be saying around his young daughter, Bryn.

RadarOnline spoke to Bethenny’s attorney, who explained why this custody trial is so important.

“All of this abusive behavior is his refusal to take responsibility,” her attorney says.

He asserts: “The schedule must change.”

“Mr. Hoppy will continue to be controlled by his emotions,” Bethenny’s attorney predicts.

“His need to sign up for every field trip, and hover her when she is in contact with her mother shows he is out for competitive parenting,” he accuses.

In his estimation, Jason’s behavior is “not in the best interest of Bryn.”

Bethenny Frankel and Hoppy
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Even Jason’s own attorney knows — and admitted in court — that his client as done effed up things.

“Simply put,” Jason’s lawyer conceded. “He acted in appropriately at times and said and did things he shouldn’t have done.”

“But the parties weren’t unable to make education decisions together,” he says. “They weren’t unable to make medical decisions together.”

“They weren’t unable to make religious decisions together,” he notes. “They weren’t unable to make decisions about Bryn’s extracurricular activities together.”

“Then in January 2017,” he laments. “Bethenny goes to the police with her packet of emails and has Jason arrested.”

Well, if someone commits a crime, like criminal harassment or a form of stalking, then it’s usually the right thing to contact authorities.

“And Jason’s response through his lawyer was this,” his attorney continues. “We’ve had a contentious divorce that’s played out in public for nearly seven years.”

“I just want to move on,” he says of his client. “Bryn is doing great.”

“And,” he continues on Jason’s behalf. “My focus is on raising her in an environment free from unnecessary litigation and invasive media attention.”

“While Bethenny seems intent on making this trial about her and Jason,” he accuses. “and about the alleged issues between the two.”

“This Court must instead be guided by what is best for this child,” he asserts.

“And the evidence will show that Bryn is happy, healthy, smart, and well-adjusted,” he asserts.

Sometimes, children excel in life in spite of their family situations, not because of them.

It will be up to the court to decide if Bryn’s current situation, in which her parents share equal custody, is doing her more harm than good.

Statistically, fathers who fight for custody are likely to be successful, so Bethenny will face an uphill battle.

We of course hope that there is no further harassment and that the court decides what is best for Bryn. That’s all that matters.

That said … insisting that your ex get drug tested because her on-again, off-again ex did drugs is … well, some would call that legal bullying.

Others would call it mean.