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Thanks to a lot of work, Cardi B and Offset saved their marriage and are back together.

But now, a pair of bloggers are threatening to ruin her life and reputation.

Cardi is suing a pair of women for claiming that she is a "prostitute" who spends her days "spreading her herpes."

Cardi B Mid-Rant
Photo via Instagram

TMZ reports that Cardi B is suing Latasha K, a vlogger, over a series of posts on her channel, Unwine With Tasha K.

Across 23 videos uploaded during a 14-month span, Latasha has allegedly made outrageous claims about Cardi.

According to the lawsuit, Latasha made a post last April in which she made a claim that Kulture would be born with intellectual disabilities.

The implication was that Cardi was a regular substance abuser and continued to do so during her pregnancy.

While it is understandable that Cardi would sue over someone claiming she endangered her daughter, there’s more to this.

UnWine With Tasha K

Cardi is also suing Starmarie Ebony Jones.

Starmarie, according to the lawsuit, posted a video in September with some wild claims about Cardi of her own.

She alleged that Cardi did cocaine and Molly (that’s ecstasy, folks).

To make matters worse, she accused Cardi of being a "prostitute" who had herpes and carelessly spread it to others.

The suit claims that Starmarie said that Cardi is "just a Grammy nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes."

Cardi B Does It
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Cardi is taking aim at both women in court, but they already know each other.

Starmarie made a guest appearance on Unwine With Tasha K.

In that appearance, according to the lawsuit, both women spread further claims about sexually transmitted infections.

In that same video, both women level more sex work allegations at Cardi.

Unless these women can prove that their claims are true or at least that they have evidence for them, this will not be a fun lawsuit for them.

Cardi B on Instagram Live about Jussie Smollett 04

Cardi says that she has never been a user of either cocaine or Molly.

She is not a full service sex worker and never has been.

She also emphatically denies having herpes.

According to Cardi, she gave both women plenty of time to simply retract their statements.

People get carried away and then have to put out apologies all of the time.

But these women have not withdrawn their claims, so Cardi is moving forward by suing them for defamation.

She is also seeking an injunction to force the deletion of the videos.


First and foremost, allegations of drug use are bad, but they pale beside implications of drug use while pregnant.

Kulture is the center of Cardi’s whole world.

Smearing someone’s reputation is a far cry from accusing them of neglect, abuse, or in this case, of risking giving birth to a "crack baby."

Cardi loves Kulture, even going so far as to take back the man who cheated on her with fans because Cardi wants Kulture to have both parents.

We would be interested to know Latasha K felt confident enough to speak those accusations on her vlog.

Or was she just trying to say inflammatory things to make a splash?

Cardi B and Baby Kulture
Photo via Instagram

It may be that Cardi ends up having to prove that the claims against her are untrue.

If so, blood tests could show that she hasn’t used cocaine or Molly.

More importantly, the herpes claim could be especially easy to disprove.

If she takes a test and doesn’t have herpes, then the claim that she does is a lie.

But we hope that it doesn’t come down to her having to prove her innocence in court with such invasive tests.