The Bachelor Spoilers: Is Colton Engaged or What!?

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Bachelor Spoilers Alert! The Bachelor Spoilers Alert!

NOTE: The following post contains many Bachelor spoilers for the fast-approaching conclusion of Season 23.

We just wanted to make sure you were prepared...

Colton Underwood, The Virgin

Over the past few days, fans of this long-running franchise have had to use their hands to stop their heads from spinning.

Especially after a shocking episode of the long-running ABC hit that was followed by an even more shocking trailer.

First, a total of five women left the show on Monday night.

There were two separate rose ceremonies, during which leading man Colton Underwood sent four suitors packing.

Colton Underwood: Peace!

Meanwhile, another aspiring trophy wife left the show of her own volition. Not because she was there for the wrong reasons.

Rather, because she felt as though she was wasting her time on the program due to a lack of alone time with the virginal star.

It was all pretty bonkers.

But just as viewers were coming to grips with the departures, ABC dropped this preview for the rest of the season upon us:

Colton actually says at one point:

"I'm confused, I'm terrified, I'm nervous because I don't know what the future holds for me. I feel more confused than ever," 

He also jumps over a fence and vanishes in one of the scenes, appearing to have peaced the f--k out of the show.

"Holy sh-t. Up ‘til now, nobody knew the truth," the reality series' iconic host, Chris Harrison, amazingly adds.

colton gets deep

It may indeed be the most dramatic teaser released in the history of the show, and not just because Chris always says that.

No wonder, then, that so many fans are now seeking The Bachelor spoilers in order to determine what the heck it all means.

Thankfully, the man, myth and legend himself, the Oracle of Bachelor spoilers, Reality Steve, is here with a few answers.

Hope you're sitting down.

Colton Underwood in a Confessional

As previously reported, this all-knowing follower of the program says that Colton will select Cassie Randolph on the finale.

Cassie gets the nod over Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams after the leading man narrows down his list to these three.

Not exactly shocking, right?

Considering her looks and the chemistry Underwood has with Cassie? No. However, this is where things get interesting:

Despite the above footage clearly depicting Colton preparing to propose to his chosen winner... he and Cassie will NOT get engaged.

Reality Steve forecasts that not only won't there be a traditional proposal on the finale, but there won't be a rose ceremony.

At all.

This is because, as outlined in the following spoiler-filled rundown, Colton actually spends one night in the Fantasy Suite with Cassie.

Cassie Randolph Photo

This was such a powerful experience that he just knows right away: She's The One! He doesn't even see a need to continue!

(It's not clear, though certainly implied, that Colton busts the inaugural nut in the Fantasy Suite, which contributed to this.)

Reality Steve, ever the sleuth, even asks folks to look VERY closely at the ring box Colton is holding in the preview above.

It's actually empty!

Preparing to Propose

So, yes, while it may appear as if a proposal is in the works, readers should not get their hopes up to see Colt pop anything.

Instead, Cassie and Colton simply agree to remain together and try dating for a bit away from the cameras after the finale.

What, exactly, leads to this measured, somewhat surprising decision? How does the conversation play out exactly?

For someone who prides himself on being in the know, even Reality Steve admits he isn't certain in that respect.

"Because this is such a different ending and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, there are pieces I just don’t have now," he wrote in his latest blog.

But Steve emphasizes that he stands behind his initial set of Bachelor spoilers, that Cassie and Colton are NOT engaged, concluding:

I will try to fill in whatever I can over the next month. But I’m solid with the spoiler I put out. Nothing shown last night changes anything.

Intriguing, huh?

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