The Bachelor Recap: FIVE Women Just Went Home!

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On last Monday's intense episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood walked away and seemed to quit the show.

He didn't really, of course, but ABC did conclude the installment by fading to black before even airing a rose ceremony, telling fans the storyline would "be continued" this week.

Those were the circumstances under which we turned in to The Bachelor yesterday, curious about Colton and where his mind is at these days.

But we ended this episode with thoughts about two suitors instead, following their historic decision to truly quit the show.

These choices have been teased in our ongoing The Bachelor spoilers section, but you need to scroll down to see how they actually played out...

1. We Started This Week with a Rose Ceremony

We Started This Week with a Rose Ceremony
Gotta make up for not showing it last week, right? Almost right off the bat, Onyeka is sent packing after her explosive fight with Nicole in Miami.

2. What About Nicole?

What About Nicole?
She got the early boot, too, of course.

3. We Move to the Group Date...

We Move to the Group Date...
The women competed in martial arts prior to going to a party, at which Sydney confronted Colton about giving other women more opportunities than her.

4. Why No One-on-One Date?

Why No One-on-One Date?
Colton had no answer for Sydney. It's not like he even picks who is rewarded with these outings. "I feel like ever since someone's like, 'Hey, you're The Bachelor,' it's a lot of pressure. Everybody expects me to have everything figured out, and I don't. I don't have it figured out," Colton told Sydney during this emotional chat. "I'm not naive to the fact that there's other people here and I know every relationship is so different."

5. Here's the Thing, Though

Here's the Thing, Though
"My fear is that with the choices that you've been making, you are taking a lot of the easier choices with the people that you are pursuing. If that's what you're looking for, great," Sydney told Colton candidly.

6. More from Sydney

More from Sydney
"I'm kind of at a crossroads because I want something real and I want something magical and I want everything that you're looking for."

7. Where Was She Going with This?

Where Was She Going with This?
Sydney explained that she doesn't "regret being here and don't regret what I've done so far." She added: "If it was right, it would be a lot easier than it has been between the two of us. I just don't think we can get there based on me just needing more."

8. And Then She Dropped the Bombshell

And Then She Dropped the Bombshell
"I am gonna go home today," she said, taking herself out of the competition and stunning all viewers.

9. Any Hard Feelings?

Any Hard Feelings?
No. "I've known from the very beginning how much you've given up to be here. I'm sorry," Colton told her on her way out, as Sydney walked away by telling him: There are some very wonderful people in that group. Find them. Figure out who they are. Don't be distracted by shiny things, especially now."

10. Oh, FWIW...

Oh, FWIW...
Colton gave the group date rose to Tayshia.

11. We Now Arrive at Demi...

We Now Arrive at Demi...
On her solo date with Colton, Demi opened way up about wanting to be "soft and sensitive" with him. The pair even called her mother, who just got out of federal prison, making it the first "normal phone call" she's had with this parent in years.

12. Making Her Major Move

Making Her Major Move
On another night, Demi snuck over to Underwood's room and tried to earn some extra one-on-one time with the leading man. "I'm not leaving Vietnam without making a big move with Colton," she said in a confessional. "I've got to go really balls-to-the-wall this time. Hopefully, after tonight, Colton won't be 'the virgin' anymore." (Editor's Note: WHOA!)

13. Wanna Pound Me?

Wanna Pound Me?
Demi showed up at Colton's hotel room in jean shorts and a tight pink shirt. She confessed to Colton that she was "falling in love with you" and made it clear she wanted to deflower him.

14. She Opened Her Mouth Before Opening Her Legs

She Opened Her Mouth Before Opening Her Legs
"I didn't think I would ever feel the way I felt about you the way that I do now," she said. "I never thought it would be this real for me. It's really scary for me to even say that... I feel so confident and so happy with what's going on between us. I now feel like I am falling in love with you. I just want time to be able to enjoy each other and to just let myself fall."

15. Well, This is Awkward

Well, This is Awkward
"I appreciate you saying that to me, Demi. I really do," Colton replied. "It means a lot. You continue to make me feel special."

16. Letting Her Down (Sort Of) Easy

Letting Her Down (Sort Of) Easy
The Bachelor went on to say he thinks about their relationship a lot. However: "there's a part of me that just doesn't know if we can get there. I don't know right now if I can see myself with you at the end of this. I can't sit here and after hearing that tonight, put you through a rose ceremony.

17. Condescend Much?

Condescend Much?
Colton then told Demi she was "incredible and you're going to make someone so happy."

18. And That Was That for Demi

And That Was That for Demi
On her way out, Demi heeded a warning about some of her fellow contestants. "There are certain girls who seem like a safe choice, but at the end that it's not actually going to be safe because you're not gonna end up happy in the long run."

19. A Third Goodbye

A Third Goodbye
So, to recap, two women left prior to the rose ceremony -- and then Katie was sent home during the actual second rose ceremony.

20. Where is This Season Going at This Point?

Where is This Season Going at This Point?
Regarding his eventual engagement, Colton recently told E! News: "1. I wouldn't want to spoil it for people, but 2. There's been a lot of ups and downs. I sort of want to take the viewers and everybody on that ride with me. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anybody."

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