Bekah Martinez Welcomes Baby Girl!!!

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Late last summer, The Bachelor alum and fan-favorite Bekah Martinez revealed that she was pregnant.

About a week ago, Bekah's due date came ... and went.

Then, on Saturday, Bekah gave birth to her first child! See the pics:

Bekah Martinez, Water Birth

Though we have photos of Bekah's baby to show you, the best photos of mother and daughter are a little NSFW.

Bekah gave birth in a water birth, which is ... the most Bekah Martinez thing we've ever heard.

And though she endeavored to apply a dollop of censorship over her forbidden nips, the photo is still a lot. You've been warned.

In the pair of black-and-white photos, Bekah is still in the tub of water, and she is cradling her newborn on her chest.

Notably, her daughter appears to be very camera-shy. In every single photo.

Bekah gave birth over the weekend, and we'll let her caption tell the rest.

Bekah Martinez, Newborn Daughter

Bekah's boyfriend and baby-daddy, Grayston Leonard, attempted to take a few color photos of their daughter.

The black and white pics, snapped by photographer Lauren Guilford, were a bit more successful.

"On the morning of February 2nd, our little girl joined us earth-side," Bekah writes in the caption.

"And," she continues. "We will never be the same."

"We are all as healthy and happy as can be," Bekah assures her fans and followers.

She and her baby girl really do appear to be so peaceful despite the mutual trauma of childbirth.

Maybe there's something to this water birth thing (but I'd still prefer an epidural, wouldn't you?).

Bekah Martinez Gives Birth

Notably, Bekah and Grayston continue to refer to their daughter without a name.

Why are they being mum about their baby's name?

Because they have yet to decide upon a name for their sweet little girl.

It's easy to make fun of parents for being indecisive about this, but nine months isn't always enough time.

This is the name by which people will know them. It's part of the first impression they'll give.

Whatever Bekah decides will be on her daughter's job applications. It'll be the name that her classmates turn against her to tease her.

That's a lot of responsibility. You want to make the right choice.

Bekah Martinez firstborn baby photo blurry mittens

Last week, in late January, Bekah shared a photo of her whale of a baby bump.

"Today is my official due date," Bekah wrote.

"My, what a journey it has been," she reflected.

"Thank you all for the love you’ve showered upon me," she gushed.

Bekah was a fan favorite among the Bachelor Nation because she's an absolute delight.

She continued: "There is so much from these past 9 months to be grateful for."

Bekah Martinez, Due Date Pic

Just days earlier, Bekah had shared another pic, this time featuring her very bare baby bump.

Honestly, that pregnant belly looks huge on a woman so small.

"39 weeks + 5 days," she wrote of her pregnancy.I actually have super-human patience right now."

"I know my due date is Tuesday," she shared. "But I am perfectly at peace with going a couple weeks more."

Fortunately, her child was born about a week after she wrote this.

"I trust my baby and I trust my body," Bekah affirmed. "He or she will come when they’re fully ready for the journey earth-side."

Bekah Martinez, Huge Baby Bump

The join me earth-side thing is ... well, we of course do not want to make fun of anyone's spiritual beliefs.

But it is an unusual phrase. 

Bekah will no doubt prove to be a fun and open-minded mother because that's the sort of person she is.

These days, she must be thanking her lucky stars that she jodged a bullet with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Actually, she's been happy about that for a long time, now.

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