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On Friday, disgraced rapper R. Kelly was arrested on 10 charges of aggravates sexual abuse, 9 of which refer to the victim being a minor.

Reports suggested that at least some of the charges may relate to a video that shows R. Kelly sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

Now there’s a new video that’s longer … and even worse.

R. Kelly Without Glasses
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TMZ reports that celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti, who obtained the earlier video for police, will turn over another on Monday.

The first video was said to be just under 45 minutes.

The new one, stored on VHS, is reportedly about 55 minutes in duration.

The same 14-year-old girl from the previous video is reportedly featured in this one.

The first video was reportedly filmed in 1999. This second one was filmed in 2000.

Here are the gruesome details.

Just as in the previous video, Kelly is said to be “coaching” the girl on the sexual performance that he wants from her.

(Notably, this is consistent with horror stories shared by adult women, who said that he had bragged about training some of his women from young ages)

Multiple times during the video, R. Kelly is said to be seen choking the girl while having anal intercourse.

At another point, he is said to spray this girl in the face with some sort of lotion.

He is said to then choke her again, mount her from behind, and turn her to face the camera for a “reaction shot.”

As always, the details of R. Kelly’s alleged sexual predation, both upon underage girls and adult women, are haunting.

Some may hesitate when seeing that these videos are older, but we have to note that Kelly was very much an adult man, in his thirties, in 1999 and in 2000.

Prosecutors have to wade through a tremendous amount of filth in order to determine which charges apply.

And these two videos are not the end of it.

There is a third video that prosecutors do not yet have on their hands — but they hope to acquire it, soon.

R. Kelly Smoking
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Michael Avenatti is said to be in the process of procuring a third tape.

This tape is said to also show R. Kelly, but with a different girl — aged somewhere between 13 and 16 years.

TMZ reports that Avenatti’s team has identiifed someone who is in possession of the video.

He is working to acquire it so that he can hand it over to prosecutors.

The first tape was given to Avenatti by his client, a man who knew and worked with Kelly for years.

R. Kelly on Stage
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More than a decade ago, R. Kelly was acquitted of numerous charges stemming from an alleged collection of underage porn.

In an infamous video, a man said to be Kelly urinated upon an underage girl.

However, both Kelly and the young woman told the court that they were not the people in the video. For the 2008 jury, that was enough.

Many are hopeful that the jury pool has a better understanding of how men use fame and wealth to get away with heinous acts thanks to #MeToo.

And perhaps the docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, has also helped.

Either way, Kelly’s arrest was long overdue.

And as disgusting as these tapes may be, the prosecution may need a mountain of evidence to counteract the kinds of attorneys that Kelly can afford.