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Fans are at it again with their God-given gift of foretelling Duggar family pregnancies. 

I am pretty sure it is their day job at this point. 

From oversized shirts to a cup of tea, these fans are not afraid to call a Duggar out

Jinger Duggar and Felicity Vuolo, Twinning
Photo via Instagram

And lately, followers have been noticing something rather strange about Jinger Duggar’s choice of beverage, and this time it is much crazier than tea…

Decaf coffee!  

That’s right, fans were flat out convinced that Jinger was pregnant after she shared a photo of her decaffeinated coffee choice and now, she’s addressing the nonsense.

Jinger Duggar Post-Baby Body Photo
Photo via Instagram

"I stopped drinking coffee not for breastfeeding or being pregnant but because it was affecting my health," the reality star told viewers on the latest episode of Counting On

"So, I have cut back on coffee. But who knows what mom life will end up doing to me. I think I might end up slipping some in here and there," she went on to say according to HollywoodLife

The speculation began when Jinger uploaded an adorable photo of her daughter, Felicity, on February 19. 

Felicity Duggar!
Photo via instagram

While her little girl was the main focus, fans did take notice of a coffee cup grasped in her hands with the word "decaf" on the side.

Fans were shocked and couldn’t help but wonder if Jinger was hiding a secret. 

The star also added to the mystery by captioning the photo, "Don’t worry, mom! It’s only decaf," she wrote with a winky face.

But Jinger was either stringing along her fans, knowing pregnancy speculations would arise considering caffeine is an obvious no-no for moms-to-be or joking around at her past caffeine addiction. 

Jinger and Family
Photo via Instagram

Her last report of pregnancy rumors was also over a cup of chamomile tea.

But now that Jinger has set the record straight over her new caffeine-free lifestyle, can we please scrap these rumors?

I’m sure she’s having enough headaches as it is from her withdrawals.

And just because Jinger’s house may not be growing quite yet, doesn’t mean her small family isn’t the cutest!

Jeremy Vuolo Helps Baby Felicity Vuolo Bounce

Back in January, the star gushed over her husband’s parenting skills by posting a black and white photo to Instagram of Jeremy Vuolo and their baby.

"Jeremy is such an amazing father. I love how felicity lights up when she sees her daddy or hears his voice. It is the sweetest thing. They share a special bond," she wrote about her Counting On costar.

In the meantime, the only pregnant Duggar is Jessa who is expecting her third child this spring.