R. Kelly: Heading BACK to Jail For Unpaid Child Support?!

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Sadly, there's nothing all that surprising about the many sexual misconduct allegations directed at R. Kelly.

In fact, Kelly's crimes have been something of an open secret in the music industry for the majority of his career.

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What is surprising, however, is that Kelly appears to be in dire financial straits.

Last week, Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault.

To the surprise of many, the singer remained behind bars for a full 48 hours after apparently struggling to come up with the $100,000 bail.

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And in the days since his release, Kelly's situation has only become more dire.

For starters, police have reportedly obtained a second R. Kelly sex tape that's even more damning than the infamous footage that was released in 2002.

Now, just days after the singer's release from jail a second, unrelated charge could land him back behind bars.

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TMZ is reporting that prosecutors in Illinois have issued a warrant for Kelly's arrest in response to allegations that he owes upwards of $160,000 in unpaid child support to ex-wife Drea Kelly.

While failure to pay child support is a crime, it's extremely uncommon for courts to issue an arrest warrant for a deadbeat dad.

Of course, Kelly's case is unusual, and it could be that prosecutors are throwing everything that they have at the singer in hopes that he won't escape the situation with yet another slap on the wrist.

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"In 30 years of practicing criminal defense law, I have never seen anyone prosecuted for non-payment of child support," Kelly's defense attorney, Steven Greenberg, told TMZ today.

"Maybe it happens, but I've never seen it done in Illinois."

Lawyer's for the singer's ex-wife, however, have had a very different reaction to the news.

"We are aware that they are bringing criminal charges for non-payment of child support and we support any and all efforts that will make sure that his children are taken care of," reads a statement from Drea Kelly's legal team.

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Interestingly, Kelly has yet to rectify the situation by simply writing a check to his ex in an amount that should be chump change at this point in his career.

The situation has led to rumors that Kelly has fully squandered his once-vast fortune.

We'll keep you updated on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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