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In July, 90 Day Fiance stars Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield shared that they were expecting their first child.

This was a big deal for the couple, in part because Pao had already suffered a miscarriage.

They’re sharing their rainbow baby’s name, very special time of birth, and even a photo.

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The baby is here!

"What an amazing way to start the new year," Paola Mayfield announced in the caption beside this photo.

"While I was hearing the fireworks and people telling me ‘happy new year,’" Pao writes. "I was just focused on meeting my baby boy."

"Our little miracle is so beautiful and calm," she gushes.

"I feel so blessed," Paola raves. "And I can’t believe I am a mom now!"

The Hollywood Gossip

"I’m ready to start this new adventure," Paola’s post continues. "And to be the best mom for baby Axel."

What a fun name for this precious baby!

"I’m so proud of my husband," she continues. "He was there for me the entire time."

"I couldn’t have done it without you @russ_mayfield," Pao says sweetly.

This couple has had their ups and downs, but they are solidly together and supportive of each other these days.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield on YouTube

"The joy I feel is indescribable," Paola raves.

That is no surprise, and we’re not just talking about the oxytocin and endorphins.

She’s delighted to be a mom.

"I’ve never felt so happy in my life," she announces.

"Axel has become my whole world," she shares. "And I’m so in love with him."

That is so sweet!

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"Thank you all for supporting us," Paola writes to fans and followers.

She continues: "and ‘patiently’ waiting to finally meet him!"

Some fans were patient — some were not. That’s just how things are.

"We are so blessed!" she concludes.

She then reveals his time of birth: "Baby Axel was born January 1, 2019 at 12:22 AM."

He really is a New Year’s baby!

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Paola was not the only one who took to Instagram on Thursday to gush about Axel.

"What an amazing feeling to be overwhelmed with joy," Russ writes.

"We would like to introduce you to Axel Mayfield," he says.

"He is already taking after his father and is such a cute, sweet, and calm little boy," Russ announces.

Russ then drops some stats, sharing that Axel was born "measuring 22 inches in length, and weighing in at 7 lbs and 5 oz."

"This has been the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR we have ever experienced," Russ proclaims.

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"Momma and baby are doing so well!" Russ shares. "I cannot express enough how proud I am of Pao,"

"She was such trooper bringing him into the world," he gushes.

"Pao’s bouncing back stronger than ever," he reveals. "And Axel is rocking his eat, sleep, poop, repeat like a champ."

That’s what babies do.

"Thank you everyone for all your love, support, prayers, good vibes, and all the encouraging messages," Russ tells his fans and followers.

"It brings us so much joy," Russ concludes. "Knowing how much our baby boy is already adored."

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Congratulations to Paola and Russ!

Axel is a great name (yes, it’s unusual, but it’s easy and intuitive to spell and that matters a lot more than popularity).

We are so glad to hear that both mother and baby are recovering so well.

May we all have a 2019 as blessed as theirs!