Meghan Markle Bullying Staff Over Home Renovations? [Report]

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We're just weeks away from Meghan Markle's due date, and not surprisingly, the tabloids are loaded with reports about the mom-to-be stressing over last minute details.

Of course, Meghan's situation is relatable to millions, and since most media outlets live in fear of anyone considering the Duchess of Sussex even remotely likable, they had to go and put the usual "diva" spin on it.

Meghan Markle with a Big Smile

Whereas someone who is well-liked by the fickle gossip hounds of the tabloid media might be depicted as a harried mom feathering her nest while frantically attending to her many professional obligations, Meghan is saddled with the mom-zilla label.

That's not really a thing, in case you were wondering, but let's dive into this mess, anyway:

“She’s totally being a mom-zilla with the home renovation,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Meghan Markle Royally Waves

“Right now she is being a task-master," the insider adds, as though that's a bad thing.

The insider goes on to claim that Meghan is -- gasp! -- working hard and keeping busy in the final weeks of her pregnancy.

“She is not taking a break and has a long list to accomplish for the new house,” added the source.

Meghan Markle Remembers

Remember Meghan's baby shower in New York last week?

The one that was criticized as decadent and wasteful by the UK media, even though there were like 12 people in attendance, and Meghan's friends paid for the whole thing?

Yeah, now the tactic has changed and Meg is being slammed for not being fully present during the event.

Meghan Markle on Thanksgiving

“Even at her recent baby shower in New York City she was on the phone with people in the U.K. at all hours barking orders at them for — of all things — the paint," says the source.

The insider goes on to say that Meghan is decorating Frogmore Cottage as she sees fit, without any approval from palace officials.

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to us, but what do we know?

Regal Twosome

“She was told she needed approval and she said she didn’t care about approval because she doesn’t need approval and what she says goes," says the insider.

“She’s making demands left and right and friends worry because she is on the go all the time and simply not taking any breaks.”

You almost have to marvel when the anti-Meghan invective has full-blown split personality disorder like this.

Meghan Markle: Bumpin!

Meghan is a spoiled diva, but she's also working way too hard?

Which is it?

We guess when you can't decide on a single trash-talk strategy, it's best to just hurl all of your BS at the wall and see what sticks.

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