Meghan Markle: Is She REALLY Pregnant With Twins?!

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Every royal pregnancy becomes a subject of global fascination, but the scrutiny and speculation surrounding Meghan Markle's forthcoming bundle of joy might be unprecedented.

Barring some sort of royal massacre worthy of George R.R. Martin, Meghan's child will never inherit the throne, but the unborn guy or gal is already receiving more press attention than any monarch of the modern era.

A Devil is Disguise?

Of course, one of the more obsessed-over mysteries is the question of whether Meghan is having a boy or a girl.

And for the past week, social media has been abuzz with reports that the Duchess of Sussex might be expecting a boy and a girl.

Yes, the tabloid press is convinced that Meghan is having twins, and as far as we can tell the speculation began with a single report:

“Meghan’s hinted numerous times that ‘double trouble’ lies ahead," a source told Us Weekly, adding that Markle has been “spotted affectionately putting her hand on her stomach and saying she can’t wait to meet 'them.'"

Meghan Markle with Her Ring

In suspicious fashion, the "insider" abruptly shifts from the vague to the very specific 

“Meghan has been busy decorating a safari-themed nursery” with two cribs in her apartment at Kensington Palace and that "Harry’s been helping, putting up shelves and ensuring everything is baby-friendly."

The Kensington Palace part should've been enough to tip the public off about the bogus nature of the report as Meghan and Harry are currently moving out of Kensington and relocating to Frogmore Cottage.

Regal Twosome

But many appear to have been swayed by the Us piece.

In fact, some folks are so convinced that they're willing to put money on it.

An Irish company with the hilarious name of Paddy Power had been accepting bets on the outcome of Meghan's pregnancy, but they stopped due to the influx of wagers from gamblers who think she's expecting twins.

Royal Baby Bump

"An unprecedented amount of bets on Meghan and Harry to have twins has forced us to stop taking bets on the market altogether,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“Since the day began, the stream of bets has led us to believe that perhaps the punters — or an insider source — knows something more than we do.”

In the week since the twin rumors went public, several sites, including the eye-rollingly sanctimonious Gossip Cop have come forward to bravely refute the claim.

Into the Woods

The site claims that not only is Us lying about the twin thing, there's also no truth behind reports that Kate Middleton is throwing a shower for Meghan and has “hired a caterer to make blue cupcakes,” thus indicating boys are on the way.

We suppose that part makes sense, as Meghan and Kate are in the midst of a feud that's making headlines globally.

As for what exactly is going on in Meg's uterus, we're guessing only a select handful of people are privy to that information -- and none of them work at Us Weekly or Gossip Cop.

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