Karine Staehle: 90 Day Fiance Star's Unborn Baby is Underweight

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Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Karine Staehle flaunted her massive baby bump.

In a new post, however, she warns fans to not be fooled by the size of her pregnant belly.

Her baby is actually underweight.

Karine Staehle on Instagram

Karine shared a new photo of herself with a flower crown filter, putting her prodigious baby bump on display.

Her caption is in her native Portuguese, but we have translated the words for you.

"My belly is not as big as it appears in the photo," Karine's caption begins.

So this is one of those options-on-Instagram-may-be-smaller-than-they-appear situations. That happens on Tinder, too.

"The baby is underweight," Karina informs her followers.

"And," she admits. "It looks like I eat a lot."

Karine Staehle is Very Pregnant

Here is the photo.

That looks like a huge pregnant belly ... though we should of course remember the scale of things.

Karine is a tiny, tiny woman.

A "large" baby bump on her would look considerably smaller on a more statuesque woman.

She also notes that she is only 35 weeks into her pregnancy.

So her baby probably has over a month to grow to a healthy weight before she gives birth.

Karine Staehle Baby Bump

When those five weeks are up, Paul and Karine are expecting a baby boy.

They have already picked out a name for this little one: Pierre.

After the couple's two miscarriages, Pierre will be their little rainbow baby.

Paul and Karine have come a long, long way since fans first saw them on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

Some of their biggest obstacles have been their own differences.

Paul and Karine Staehle on Instagram

After a long-distance courtship, Kentucky native Paul came to meet Karine in Brazil.

Paul did not speak Portuguese. Karine did not speak English. They relied upon translator apps.

There were more than just communication issues.

Paul had some insecurities and displayed quirky behaviors, including that one time he slipped on a condom under his trunks before going for a swim.

(Yes, candiru asu are real, but no, you do not need to wear a condom under your swimming trunks to keep one from tunneling up your dong)

More seriously, he was found to have an alarming criminal record including arson.

Karine and Paul, Wedding Photo

But Paul and Karine tied the knot on the second season of the 90 Day Fiance spin-off.

Though they continued to fight, they settled into their relationship and marriage.

Two miscarriages, back-to-back, was difficult for them. That would put a strain on any couple.

Paul shared that the first miscarriage happened almost too quickly for them to notice. The second, however, put them in mourning.

But with this rainbow baby on the way, they're verye xcited to make this journey into parenthood together.

Karine and Paul

Hopefully, Paul and Karine are prepared to be the best possible parents for baby Pierre.

We're rooting for some final fetal development over the next five weeks.

Underweight babies can sometimes experience health complications.

We want Pierre to have the best start in life that his parents can give him.

But with five weeks to go, there's probably no reason to worry. Different babies develop at different rates.

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