Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan: We Don't Despise Each Other Anymore!

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The hatchet has been buried.

Literal bread has been broken.

The feud, alas, is over.

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On Tuesday night, Ariana Grande ran into Piers Morgan at a restaurant in Los Angeles, prompting the singer and the obnoxious talk show host to sit down and hash out their differences.

Back in November, you may recall, Morgan trashed Ellen DeGeneres as a hypocrite and the all-girls group Little Mix for showing some skin on the comedian's talk show.

The chauvinistic Brit criticized the group for using its sexuality to promote their music, an accusation that angers both Grande and even her mother.

Ariana quickly jumped on Twtitter to explain the concept of female empowerment to Morgan.

"I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to," Grande Tweeted at Morgan in response to his remarks. "Women can be sexual AND talented. Naked and dignified. It's OUR choice."

As summarized below, and as we mentioned above, Grande's mother even got in on the Morgan bashing:

Fast forward about two months and these stars came face to face by accident.

But they used this chance meeting to try and clear the air.

"Thank u for a great night @ArianaGrande x," Morgan Tweeted on Tuesday after their discussion, to which Grande wrote back:

"thank u for some laughs and some v productive conversation ! it was nice bumping into u ! #FutureFeministPiers #FingersCrossed."

Followers were curious about what transpired between Ariana and Piers, which prompted Grande to spill a little more tea:

"well............ we bumped into each other. at a restaurant. and i decided to sit with him and we spoke for a while. i think some progress was made! turns out face to face discussions are a bit kinder and gentler, even if you do indeed disagree."

How mature, right?

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Grande and Morgan even posed for a selfie together (below), alongside which Piers echoed Grande's sentiment.

He wrote as a caption to this unexpected snapshot:

So... we bumped into each other in a LA restaurant, she joined me for ‘a chat’ &  2 hours later we were still chatting. We laughed, we argued, she cried, I nearly did, the drinks flowed & we bonded.

Turns out we really like each other. Weird. Thank u ⁦@ArianaGrande⁩ - next?

ariana selfie

We're glad Grande and Morgan worked out their differences.

Now, Morgan just has to make time to sit down and talk in depth with the other celebrities he's angered over the years.

This means he'll need to hash it out with Chris Evans... and Sophie Turner... and Tess Holliday...

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