Evelyn Cormier: 90 Day Fiance Alum Joins American Idol for Season 17!

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Evelyn Cormier didn't endear herself to 90 Day Fiance fans, but she married David despite their age gap and made a name for herself.

Well, brace yourself for the reality crossover that no one ever expected.

Evelyn will be competing on Season 17 of American Idol!

Evelyn Cormier

Back in December, Evelyn let her fans and followers know that she had auditioned for American Idol.

But many people try out for the reality talent competition that has launched music careers.

It was only this week that Evelyn made things official.

"Tune-in March 3rd to watch my Idol journey begin," Evelyn teased in an Instagram post on February 4.

"And," she continued. "Find out what happens next!"

Evelyn Cormier for American Idol

In her introductory video, Evelyn helps American Idol fans get to know her and her story.

"I’m a singer-songwriter," she shares. "I actually sing in a band with my family."

"We started playing together when I was like 10 or 11," Evelyn recalls.

"And then after that," she says. "I started gigging out [and] being hired at local restaurants."

Not everyone enjoys live music while they're trying to eat, but a lot of musicians make their start in such humble beginnings.

David and Evelyn and Evelyn's Dad

Evelyn released her first EP in 2017, the same year in which she rose to relative fame on 90 Day Fiance.

That EP (remember, an EP is like an album, but shorter) is titled Ghost.

But Evelyn went about things intelligently, building up her musical talents over the years and also making a name for herself.

After making a splash on a reality show -- coincidentally, right after Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali put the series on the map -- was a key step.

Now, she's hoping that she has what it takes to launch a successful music career.

Evelyn Cormier and David, Date Night

Evelyn's introduction to Idol fans also includes a shout-out to her husband, David.

She reveals that, naturally, as an attractive young woman on social media, she had dudes sliding into her DMs left and right.

A lot of their messages, however, were "creepy."

(We know that Evelyn has a reputation for being a little uptight, but anyone would find creepy DMs creepy)

"But then a guy sent me a message," Evelyn narrates. "And just kinda said, ‘Hey, you’re really cute and your music’s really nice. My name is David."

"There was just something different about it," she notes. "And I answered him back."

Evelyn Cormier and David

David had to make an international journey to be with Evelyn.

David is from Spain.

While that's very nice, some fans were concerned that David's message may have been creepier than Evelyn let on.

Why? Because some believe that the two began "talking" when Evelyn was only 15.

To be clear, we cannot confirm that.

If so, it could be the basis for allegations that David may have groomed an underage teenage girl to be his virgin bride.

David and Evelyn, 90 Day Fiance

Evelyn was very vocal about her conservative Christian views and how she had resolved to remain a virgin until marriage.

While her sexual decisions are her choice, some 90 Day Fiance viewers perceived her to be judgmental or even unkind.

It's been over a year since then and Evelyn is young. Maybe -- hopefully -- she has grown as a person.

Will she make a better impression on the American Idol audience?

Let's hope so.

Unlike on 90 Day Fiance, it actually matters what people think of you on a singing competition.

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