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When we first introduced you to the stars of this season of 90 Day Fiance, we mentioned that Evelyn and David had a lot of potential for drama.

As it turns out, we were more right than we knew.

Beware, as there are spoilers below as we talk about this couple’s relationship, what makes Evelyn so hated by fans, and the creepy thing about David that might make you rethink everything about this couple.

David and Evelyn Image
Photo via TLC

The first thing to catch your attention about Evelyn and David is that, well, these two aren’t exactly the same age.

At one point on 90 Day Fiance, Evelyn acknowledges to her friend Mikayla that she and David are marrying young, saying:

"Since we are getting married young, we have the opportunity to grow together.

Mikayla corrects her:

"I’m sorry; you’re getting married young; David is getting married at a normal age."

Because Evelyn is 18 years old and David is 27. Their actual age difference is about 8 years, which wouldn’t be a big deal if Evelyn weren’t a teenager.

But she is, so … the age difference alone is enough to cause a lot of people to eye this couple askance.

Evelyn and David
Photo via TLC

Evelyn is from New England and David is from Grenada, Spain.

The two share conservative Christian viewpoints, and both say that they’ve been saving themselves for marriage.

And, like so many people who eschew premarital sex, they appear to be rushing into marriage. Evelyn admitted to her friend Mikayla that she and David would be married before their 1-year anniversary.

You can’t blame that on the 90 day K-1 visa process.

Though they bonded over their faith, it was always Evelyn’s looks that first drew them to begin talking.

That sounded like a cute story — cultural differences and distance being no match for thirst — except that, well, Evelyn’s age is an issue.

Take a look at this screencap of David and Evelyn’s oldest known interaction:

90 Day Fiance Evelyn David First Interaction

If Evelyn is 18 now … does that mean that David started commenting on her Instagram page when she was only 15?

Even if Evelyn is 19 now (sometimes it’s hard to confirm exact birthdays), she’d have been, at the oldest, 16. Just barely meeting the age minimum in Spain but not even meeting that in the US.

Best case scenario, you’d think that David and Evelyn struck up a friendship (social media has plenty of perfectly innocent friendships between people of different ages) based upon their shared religious views, and that romance came later.

But we’ve always known that David’s attraction to Evelyn was what first got them talking.

(We’re guessing that, when they admitted as much, they didn’t think that fans might look into their history together and crunch some very easy numbers)

So it seems more likely that David thirsted after her when she was probably 15, and that he then used their shared conservative faith to flirt with her.

That’s … weird. Most of us who are adults (and David would have been 24 at the time, right?) are conscious of potential age differences.

(If I’m livetweeting a show, I make a habit of googling a young-looking actor’s age before tweeting about which characters are hot or not. Those actors usually turn out to be well into their 20s, but it doesn’t hurt to check)

And some fans are wondering if perhaps David struck up a "friendship" with Evelyn only to begin grooming her to be his bride.

Nobody wants to believe that of another human being, but we know that there are predators out there who do that every day. And they’ll absolutely use anything — religion included — to help them seal the deal.

David and Evelyn, 90 Day Fiance
Photo via TLC

Of course, as we’ve seen on 90 Day Fiance, David might be regretting pursuing a teenage girl.

Because while some older guys who hook up with barely legal teens use the excuse that their younger girlfriend is "super mature for her age," no one can honestly say that about Evelyn.

Many fans find Evelyn to be utterly insufferable.

She and David argue in person, on camera. They also argued over the phone back when they were in a long-distance relationship (a relationship that many now believe must have begun when Evelyn was still a minor).

Evelyn had some very specific plans about how she wanted to have her wedding and came across as a total Bridezilla on 90 Day Fiance, shooting down David’s ideas and requests and his pleas for the finances of his groomsmen.

For example, Evelyn wanted the groomsmen to wear tuxedos. David protests that this isn’t the norm in Spain, and suggests that his friends — who are already spending a great deal of money to fly out for the wedding — could perhaps dress nicely in black and white instead.

It’s not so much that Evelyn shoots this down as that she doesn’t seem to care about David’s thoughts on the matter. In fact, it seems like she sees this as a personal attack or an attempt to "be difficult" rather than, you know, a valid financial concern.

Evelyn, in general, does not seem to hold realistic ideas about money. Even for an 18-year-old.

Evelyn tells her friend Mikayla that she is confident that God will provide her and David with work and money, which is not a confidence-inspiring statement.

David and Evelyn and Evelyn's Dad
Photo via TLC

Despite the overwhelming disapproval of fans, despite the concerns of her friends, despite all of the arguments, despite the shady age difference … Starcasm reports that Evelyn and David got married.

Interestingly, they appear to have gotten married on the 21st of October. That would be exactly three years after David made that comment, screencapped above, on Evelyn’s timeline.

It’s worth noting that since both of them said that they were saving themselves, sexually, for their wedding night, there’s no telling how their marriage is going.

Some people who come from heavily religious, sex-negative religious backgrounds have difficulties transitioning into having a sex life.

A lot of people who are abstaining until marriage are eager to get married as soon as possible (because, well, they want to have sex), only to find that their bodies aren’t cooperative because of so many years repressing their urges.

(Yeah, this is real — read some accounts from people who grew up like this, folks)

It’s hard to wish a couple well when the man seems like a predator and the woman seems to be entirely unlikable, but there’s a chance that we could see them again on another season of 90 Day Fiance.

It will be interesting to see how things go for them. And for all of the couples.