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For much of the past week, reports that Lady Gaga and Christian Carino have called it quits circulated non-stop on social media.

The singer’s solo appearance at the Grammys prompted the initial round of rumors, and today, it seems that the Gaga-Carino breakup has been confirmed.

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Neither party has spoken about the split directly, but statements from "insiders" have all the hallmarks of approved comments from reps.

If we had to speculate, we would guess that Gaga wants to make the breakup official without distracting from the run-up to the Oscars, where she’s nominated for best actress for her role in A Star Is Born.

Reps for Gaga — sorry, "sources" — have denied that there was any precipitous event that led to the split. 

Lady Gaga at the Globes

Instead, they’ve been pushing the agenda that the breakup is old news, and the couple simply grew apart.

“It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end,” a source tells People magazine, adding that the pair split “a bit ago.”

“There’s no long dramatic story,” the insider continues.

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According to a new report from Radar Online, however, Gaga ended the relationship abruptly after learning that Christian had been spotted in the company of a "mystery brunette" earlier this month.

“Christian was sitting in the Sunset Tower restaurant on Friday night with a pretty brunette,” an eyewitness tells Radar.

“They were holding hands and it looked like a romantic date."

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The idea that Christian would conduct an affair so openly is a bit puzzling, obviously.

Perhaps he didn’t think he would be recognized, or maybe he was just got caught up in a flirtatious moment.

Whatever the case, it seems word of the encounter was enough to convince Gaga that Carino is not the guy for her.

Lady Gaga and Her Grammys

Or maybe the hand-holding and the breakup are unrelated.

In any event, Gaga was a solo act as she walked the red carpet at the Grammys just days later.

And it’s safe to assume she’ll be on her own at the Oscars on Sunday, as well.

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Gaga is not considered the favorite for the Oscar — most prognosticators have Glenn Close as the frontrunner — but this year’s field is pretty wide open.

And of course, whether she goes home empty-handed or not, Gaga took a major step forward this year by proving that she has real chops as a dramatic actress.

So despite her latest bad romance, we’re guessing the Mother Monster is still enjoying the final days of her Oscar campaign.