Bill Cosby: Hit in Face By Airborne Chicken Sandwich in Jail Cafeteria

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Bill Cosby is two weeks into his three-to-ten year sentence and has started to really get a look at his life behind bars.

His larger-than-life personality is reportedly not meshing well with his fellow inmates.

A new report says that one prisoner got so fed up with him that he chucked the chicken patty from his sandwich at him, striking Cosby in the face.

Bill Cosby Interview Photo

RadarOnline reports that Cosby was on the receiving end of a projectile patty of the chicken variety.

"Mr. Cosby cracked a joke to another inmate by the infirmary," their insider reports.

The source continues: "and that inmate was mad enough to take his chicken out of the bun and plunge it at him."

The report notes that prison food isn't exactly served in a buffet, so there must have been a great deal of ire behind the move.

"The way I see it," the insider says. "You have to be very angry to throw your meal in jail because I don’t think you get seconds."

We would imagine not.

Chicken Patties for Cosby Reference from Instagram

(Disclaimer: these chicken patties are probably a lot nicer than the institutional chicken disk that allegedly struck the disgraced comedian)

The alleged incident comes on the heels of a report that said that Cosby was enjoying the chicken patty.

"Mr. Cosby told us last week that the chicken patty was the best meal he had so far at SCI Phoenix … so that says a lot," the source notes.

We already mentioned a report that Cosby has earned a nickname and some undeserved respect from fellow inmates.

"They’re calling him the ‘OG,'" the insider claimed. "Lingo for ‘original gangster."

Clearly, that respect was not universal.

Good Riddance, Bill

There was another report that said that Cosby tried pudding in prison, and that it was apparently not to his liking.

"He told us on the phone over the weekend ‘I was promoting THIS garbage?!'” The source claimed. “It tastes like something you give a lizard!"

Cosby was famous in the '90s as the face of jello and pudding advertisements.

"We were caught by surprise,” the insider stated. “We never asked him: ‘Hey, Mr. Cosby, have you ever tried pudding or Jell-O?’"

"I never saw him and I don’t think anybody else ever saw him eating pudding or Jell-O," the source admitted.

The insider concluded: "but I was pretty damn shocked when he told us he tried it and it wasn’t what he expected."

Bill Cosby in a Suit

Of course, a conflicting report casts into doubt everything that we've heard.

TMZ spoke to someone at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

"This did NOT happen," their insider said forcefully of the chicken patty incident.

"And," the source continued. "I am unhappy with anyone who is reporting such fake news."

What's more is that Cosby has allegedly had no contact whatsoever with fellow inmates while he is evaluated by prison staff.

Camille Cosby and Bill Cosby

Cosby is two weeks in and, no matter whose report you believe, it seems safe to say that he's no longer living his best life.

He wants out of prison -- and we're not referring to the goofy claim that Cosby is planning an elaborate prison break.

No, we mean that his legal team is fighting in court.

They are appealing, trying to throw out his sentence, his conviction, and even the judge. We wouldn't hold our breath.

His wife, Camille Cosby, is said to be demanding that the judge be investigated. It would be a surprise if her efforts bear fruit.

Bill Cosby Mug Shot

Cosby has been sentenced to prison, and he may even spend the rest of his life behind bars.

But his conviction for the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand is just a drop in the bucket considering that 60 women came forward to accuse him of similar crimes.

Though some of these survivors may feel vindicated that he is behind bars, very few if any of them will also get their day in court.

Some waited "too long" to report for the legal system to accept. Others are unable to corroborate.

Many feel that Cosby's incarceration is a victory -- but a hollow one.

Perhaps the story, true or not, of the chicken patty incident will bring a smile to a few faces. That's worth something, at least.

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