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It’s the question all Teen Mom OG fans have been asking, ever since this beloved franchise wrapped up its latest season?

Is she or isn’t she?

Is Amber Portwood actually quitting the series that made her famous… or did she just made a few emotional remarks in the heat of some angry moments?

Amber Portwood on E!
Photo via E!

Portwood has been through nearly as much as any reality star we can think of.

She broke our hearts this past season when she told her cousin that post-partum depression in the wake of giving birth to son James caused her to contemplate suicide.

And to almost go through with it one time last year.

"There was a night that I was waiting for him and James to go to bed so I could kill myself," Amber said on air.

Thankfully, James realized something was wrong and would not leave his girlfriend’s side that evening.

Fast forward a few months and Portwood made many comments about being done with Teen Mom.

Amber Portwood on the Insta

“I think I should separate myself from the show,” she told an executive producer at one point, adding:

“I just don’t feel like this is right for my life anymore, seeing that you guys want a certain kind of story that I just don’t want to give you anymore. I just feel like it’s very different from a reality show anymore.”

Sick of the criticism and sick of the way she was being portrayed, Portwood showed up late for the reunion taping and lashed out on Twitter late last year.

“The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore,” she wrote.

"If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore. I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of heartache and pain that I’ve endured.”

It sounded like she was done, but Portwood then clarified her stance in an interview with E! this week.

"I’ve been with this franchise for 10 years now, such a long time, and I just don’t want to see the show go down like that," Amber said, confirming she WILL reutn next year and try to help boot the sagging ratings.

"I wanna amp it up a little more."

Good. We’re glad to hear it.

We very much want to see where Amber’s story goes.

As for why she threatened to quit? Why she felt as if the show had been so unfair to her and made her feel so horrible about herself?

Amber Portwood New Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"It seemed that at the time I wasn’t getting the attention that I feel like other stars were getting," she said as a guest on E!’s Daily Pop, elaborting:

"But I was going to a psychiatrist and I had a really good support system, great family."

And, best of all, it sounds as if Portwood is in a very positive place right now.

"I’m feeling amazing," she added in this same intervew.

"I’ve really changed for the better going through that… I never felt anything like that before in my life. It came out of nowhere and it scared the crap out of me, honestly."

Amber Breaks Down
Photo via MTV

Amber concludes that she wants to stick around as a Teen Mom not simply due to her salary or the fame that goes along with it.

Referring to Depression and other mental health struggles, she told E! that the MTC series gives her a platform to "help people with what I’ve been through."

Looking ahead, she really thinks the darkest days are over.

On the new season, which won’t air for many months, Portwood teases that viewers will "see a whole different side of me and my love, Andrew [Glennon]."

Yay. That makes us very happy.