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It’s a complicated situation, but Kourtney Kardashian is finally cool with Sofia Richie.

Both gorgeous women went on a group vacation with Scott Disick for the sake of Kourtney and Scott’s three young children.

But a new report says that Kourtney has come away from the experience convinced that Scott is about to propose to Sofia — or worse.

Kourtney Kardashian, Twisted Selfie
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HollywoodLife spoke to an inside source who says that Kourtney is bracing herself for big news.

"Kourtney is freaked out about the idea of Scott proposing to Sofia," the insider reveals.

To be honest? A lot of people would be taken aback by it.

After all, Kourtney and Scott were together for nine whole years without getting married.

"The closer Kourtney, Sofia, and Scott have all become over the holidays," the source says. "The more Kourtney realizes how in love Scott is with Sofia."

The three of them went on a shared vacation, which was very sweet but perhaps a little awkward at times.

"And," the insider states, Kourtney realized "that a proposal could be right around the corner."

Scott and Sofia Get Wet
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"While Kourtney is happy to see Scott so grounded, stable, and in a healthy relationship," the source begins.

The insider continues: "it also scares her to think that she could might lose him forever."

Wait, what?

We thought that she and Scott had already lost each other forever when the broke up and moved on.

"In the back of her heart," the source explains. "She always thought about maybe having more kids with Scott."

Technically, that would still be possible — sperm donation for her frozen eggs. No banging-your-ex required.

"Or," the insider says, Kourtney had allegedly dreamt "that one day they might get back together."

Holy Kourtney
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"However," the source says. "Kourtney knows how unpredictable and romantic Scott can be."

She would know better than anyone, right?

"So," the insider continues. "Kourtney is bracing for the shocking surprise that Scott gets engaged to Sofia."

It could be more than just an engagement, though.

"Or worse," the source says, what if Scott "suddenly elopes with her."

That, the insider says, would be something "which would traumatize Kourtney."

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Sofia Richie in Cabo
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Now, we cannot confirm Kourtney’s thoughts about Scott.

Maybe she’s happy that Scott has moved on and is totally chill about Sofia.

Or, maybe Kourtney is waking up in a cold sweat and checking her phone to see if Scott and Sofia have suddenly eloped.

We don’t know.

Only Kourtney herself can tell us, and she obviously would not choose to voice her fears to the world.

But if this is on her mind, she is not the only one who is very conscious of how close Scott and Sofia have become.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback
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If Kourtney really is feeling like she’s losing Scott forever, what should she do?

One, she could tell him, which would probably cause problems in his current relationship — even if it’s too late.

It would be massively unfair to Sofia and arguably to Scott.

Two, Kourtney could choose to not make her feelings any of anyone else’s business.

That is the mature and respectful thing to do, but not necessarily a recipe for her own happiness.

Maybe the best ending for these three would be some sort of polyamorous arrangement where both Kourtney and Sofia are dating Scott.

That said, not everyone is wired for polyamory — just as not everyone is wired for monogamy — and that is totally okay.

We just want for everyone to be happy and stable.