Khloe Kardashian Hints to Fans She May Have Nervous Breakdown

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While fans are hopeful that Khloe Kardashian is actually pregnant with baby #2, others are still concerned.

Khloe went through so much in 2018, and she may be at the end of her rope.

In fact, Khloe has shared some vague posts implying that she's either on the verge of a nervous breakdown ... or needs to be.

Khloe Kardashian Sits with True

Khloe Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to share a number of quotes that speak to someone going through a rough time.

"There will be some things you won't get over," the first quote acknowledges.

The quote continues: "Some things that will sting you so hard they will set you back to where you started."

"And you will hurt and hurt and hurt," the quote affirms. "But you will also rise from it." 

Those of us who followed Khloe through the tumultuous year of 2018 cannot help but think of Tristan's cheating scandal.

Khloe vague post IG story 01

"You will learn from the past," the quote continues.

"You will adapt and survive," the text reads. "No matter how hard it gets."

"You will shape your own reality," the quote encourages.

"And," that text concludes. "Accept how you should never settle for anything less than you deserve."

That sounds very positive -- exactly what someone who is suffering may need to hear.

Khloe vague post IG story 03

But that was not all that Khloe shared in her Instagram Stories.

The next quote that she shared was alarming to a number of her fans and followers.

"I wish I had the time for the nervous breakdown I deserve," reads one quote.

Khloe is a very busy person -- as a businesswoman and also as a mom.

We hope that she is taking time for herself.

The third quote that she shared suggests an outpouring of emotional support.

"Sending love to everyone who's trying their best to heal from things that they don't discuss," that text reads.

Khloe vague post IG story 02

Khloe has also been engaging in positive affirmations on Twitter, and even interacting with her devoted fans.

"You landed so quietly in my life, and magically made me see the world more colorful," praised a fan. "Love you @khloekardashian!"

"Awwww what a beautiful message!" Khloe praised in response. Thank you for this!"

"All I ask is that we each pass it on," Khloe wrote. "Try to leave someone a little better than how you met them."

That is some very good advice.

Advice that not everyone in her life has taken.

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

As far as fans can tell, Khloe never fully dealt with Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal.

Even now, in 2019, we hear reports that she is still grappling with the reality of what he did while she was pregnant with their child.

There was even a report that Khloe went under the knife to compete with Tristan's mistresses.

Anything to make him stay and be a father for True, right?

Even if some of the reports and rumors sound far-fetched, it sounds like Khloe didn't suppress her feelings about Tristan's betrayal as quickly as it appeared to outsiders.

She was hurt. And maybe she's still hurting.

Khloe Kardashian and True on Christmas 2018

The only other explanation for why Khloe would share these somewhat alarming messages is that she feels that they will help fans.

And maybe they will.

Khloe has a lot of fans and, well, the world is an ever-screaming nightmare these days where every news cycle brings new horrors and new shame.

But Khloe's vague posts continue to be naturally open to interpretation by fans.

Is she okay? We sure hope so.

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