Jessa Duggar Finally Reveals Jana Duggar's Relationship Status

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Last week, Jana Duggar joined Instagram.

This may not sound like a major step in the life of a 28-year-old woman, but social media has always carried special significance for the offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jana and Jessa

In the past, young Duggars have entered the exciting and endlessly irritating world over social media only after entering their first romantic relationship.

If you're a fan of the family, then you're probably aware that the Duggar courtship rules are about as lengthy and complex as the US Constitution.

The most well-known rule is the Duggar's ban on virtually all forms of premarital physical contact.

Duggar Sisters: Counting On

But there are other, more arcane rules that are almost as strictly enforced.

For instance, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, the Duggars are discouraged -- if not flat-out forbidden -- to join social media until they've entered a courtship.

The reasons for this have never been explicitly outlined by the family, but it's widely assumed that Jim Bob fears the possibility that his children would end up in a relationship that he couldn't strictly monitor.

4 Duggar Sisters

So if Jana is on Instagram, does that mean she's finally found Mr. Right?

Well, not so fast.

Jana is in uncharted territory, as no previous Duggars have ever reached the age of 28 without having entered a courtship.

So it seems Jim Bob may have simply decided to make a special exception in her case.

Jana Duggar on TV

Last week, a fan asked Jessa Duggar point-blank if the family was planning a wedding for Jana.

To the chagrin of many, Jessa was quick to shoot down rumors involving a romance for her older sister.

“That’s been merely [a] coincidence for some, definitely not a prerequisite,” Jessa wrote.

Jessa Duggar and Co.

“[Jana] is not in a relationship,” she added, in case of confusion.

“But if anyone is interested, please send all applications to me. I will check them out thoroughly."

Of course, it's possible that Jessa isn't being entirely honest.

Last week, Jessa revealed that she's expecting her third child.

Jessa Duggar, Child

Despite that, she had this to say regarding a fan's question about why she skipped a recent family photo shoot:

At the last shoot, [TLC] only took updated pics of newly married couples or those who had new babies,” she wrote.

“Our family hadn’t changed much since the last shoot, so they didn’t need us this time around.” 

Sounds like Jessa might be saving some secrets for the new season of Counting On.

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