90 Day Fiance Stars Weigh In on Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson Divorce

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We'd say that it was great while it lasted ... but it wasn't. It was awful from start to finish.

90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima are divorcing after their latest alleged fight left Larissa smeared with her own blood.

Now their castmates -- and other 90 Day Fiance stars -- are weighing in.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Wedding Reception

A lot of 90 Day Fiance castmembers are reserved about commenting on each other's lives -- unless they're on camera and getting paid to do so.

But in a break-up as intense and frankly scary as Larissa and Colt's split, a lot of folks are going to speak their minds.

Anfisa Nava quit 90 Day Fiance after her payment negotiations fell through, but she's still a real fixture among fans and viewers.

And she absolutely weighed in after Colt Johnson whined on Instagram about not understanding why Larissa wasn't happy with him.

"Should have maybe tried not to cheat on her and understand what she actually wants?" Anfisa suggested in a biting comment.

""And not instigate drama and then act all innocent?"

Anfisa is Team Larissa

Anfisa continued, admitting that she "Never wanted to comment publicly but you are a gaslighter."

"And," she concluded. "The way you act is disgusting."

We don't always agree with Anfisa about things, but ... she really hit the nail on the head with that comment.

She was not the only infamous reality star to weigh in on Colt and Larissa.

Jesse Meester was very clearly keeping an eye on the breakup drama, and had to comment when a fan noticed someone donate to Larissa in his name.

Jesse Meester weighed in

"You know better than that," Jesse wrote of people assuming that he was the one who had donated using his name.

"I haven't even donated yet," Jesse said.

"Some," Jesse lamented. "Will do anything to cause 'gossip.'"

At the time, he was referring to the GoFundMe to pay Larissa's bail. She was bailed out later that day.

At present, Larissa is trying to raise funds so that she can live, pay an attorney, and get a divorce.

Easily our favorite take was the very vague response that Olga Koshimbetova, one of Larissa's fellow Season 6 stars, posted.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Olga responded to the explosive news over the weekend.

Olga reacts to Larissa and Colt arrest and divorce

Larissa horrified fans late last week when she showed photos of her face, covered in blood.

She told fans that Colt had tormented her and ultimately injured her, all after an argument sparked by his purchase of pornography.

(That might sound like a strange argument, but from the receipt Larissa posted, the guy paid $60 for a single video)

The disagreement allegedly became violent, resulting in gruesome scratches on Larissa's body.

When police arrived, they reportedly bought Colt's story that Larissa's wounds were self-inflicted, on the grounds that he has short nails.

Larissa Lima Shows Bloody Facial Wounds

Fans pointed out that there are many photos of Colt with longer nails, poking holes in his claim to being a "chronic nail-biter."

Larissa is now out of jail and begging fans for funds because she does not yet have a visa to work.

She has been staying with her friend, Carmen, but knows that she cannot do so indefinitely.

Attorney's fees are expensive -- for making her case in criminal court over her arrest Thursday night, and also for her divorce.

She is hoping that she can count on fans for crowdfunding until she is legally allowed to work in the US.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Unfortunately, Larissa hit a major setback late on Sunday.

Her GoFundMe to support her life was swarmed with false reports of being fraudulent, sent in by trolls who dislike Larissa.

(Disliking Larissa is fine -- arguably a moral imperative after seeing her on the show, but you have to draw a line when it comes to someone's livelihood)

GoFundMe closed that fundraiser and refunded Larissa's donors.

She has instead opened up to getting donations through other services, like Zelle and PayPal.

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