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Little People, Big World… Major Feud?

Fans of this beloved TLC series are now wondering about the answer to this question, considering a bit of online action that has taken place between brothers Jeremy and Jacob Roloff.

Jeremy and Jacob Roloff Together
Photo via Instagram

Simply put, in news first broken by Radar Online, Jacob no longer follows his sibling on Instagram.

And while this may seem like a funny and harmless thing to focus on, astute Internet users know otherwise.

It would be one thing if Jacob never bothered to follow Jeremy on this platform; he’s not a major purveyor of it anyway.

But to unfollow his loved one?!? That’s a conscious decision Jacob had to have made — for some unknown reason.

It’s also worth noting that Jacob unfollowed Audrey Roloff about a year ago amidst chatter that there’s been a long-time feud between himself and his sister-in-law.

Jacob and a Pal
Photo via Instagram

As we documented in December of 2016, Audrey and Jacob are very different people.

The former is openly religious, posting message left and right on social media about Jesus Christ and her faith in general.

Jacob, conversely, is very much not religious.

On its own, of course, this doesn’t mean that two people can’t get along.

However, it seems as though Jacob may think Audrey pours it on a little too thick and is a little too phony/disingenuous with all of her religious talk.

"The family that is filmed is not my family," Jacob said in the summer of 2016 upon quitting Little People, Big World, adding at the time:

"They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself."

Roloffs on a Beach
Photo via Instagram

Jacob does not like phonies.

And Audrey certainly has been accused in the past of exploiting her religious views for profit.

Is this why Audrey skipped Jacob’s engagement party past last April?

Or why we can’t think of the last time they were in a photo together?


“People already know that he doesn’t really get along with Audrey,” a Radar Onlone insider says. “He thinks she’s too judgmental, and I’m guessing he just didn’t want to see her on his brothers’ account anymore.”

Play Time with Jackson R.
Photo via Instagram

Ironically now, of course, Audrey and Jeremy are also out of the reality show.

They said a few months back that they would not return for the upcoming season.

Despite having this in common with Jacob, though, Audrey still is at odds with her relative.

Following Jacob’s engagement announcement to longtime girlfriend, Isabel Rock, for example, Audrey failed to congratulate her brother-in-law.

Rather, she took to Instagram to post a cryptic message that trashed couples who “dabbled with sexual intimacy” before marriage. Ouch!

For the record, meanwhile, Jacob does still mother his mother Amy; sister Molly; brother Zach; and Zach’s wife Tori.