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Danielle Bregoli, or better known as the "cash me outside" girl, is moving on to bigger and better things – a $900,000 beauty deal to be exact. 

CopyCat Beauty officially announced Danielle as the new face of their company this week and she tells TMZ she "f**king hopes" the company takes off now that she is on board! 

Danielle Bregoli at the Billboard Music Awards
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The social media sensation-turned- rapper, aka "Bhad Bhabie" signed a 6 month contract with CopyCat Beauty. If her endorsement proves to boost the business she could be looking at a prolonged partnership or even… wait for it… her OWN beauty line. 

It’s no secret that the makeup game is on fire right now with Kylie Jenner and Rihanna dominating the scene. 

I mean Kylie is the worlds youngest billionaire and while Danielle realizes she’s facing some serious competition she won’t let that stop her from growing her brand, according to TMZ.

Kylie Jenner With Rose Gold Hair Tips
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She even says, "I could maybe see it" when asked if she could become more successful than Rihanna and Kylie.

Watch as Danielle disses Kylie: 

"I’ve got no problem with the girl, I just don’t worship her," she told TMZ.

She also goes on to say she would "probably never hang with her anyway", because she "hates this whole Hollywood vibe of people." Claiming "they’re all fake and weird." 

Danielle is only 15 but is reaching for the top. Maybe she could have taken a few notes or learned something from the also somewhat young Kylie? Guess not. 

Rihanna Chills
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It’s ok. Danielle actually does show some love for RiRi, so we’re not completely overwhelmed at the situation.

Whether she supports the industry leaders or not, Bhad Bhabie is still bringing in the cash and is ready to focus on her new makeup career. 

TMZ informs us that Danielle won’t start uploading "How-To" videos or beauty reviews, that ain’t her style.

Danielle Bregoli Mirror Selfie
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Instead, she will be incorporating her beauty products – eye glitter, makeup palates, eye essentials, lipsticks, lip stain, face masks, and brushes – into her social media posts and music videos.

The company already has the stars image all over their website and they’re trusting that "she is a visionary and not just in it for the money."

But, it’s no secret the star likes to spend her ‘hard-earned’ money. Back in 2017 she spent $45,000 on a diamond grill and chain and another $40,000 on porcelain veneers. 

Danielle Bregoli endorsement with CopyCat Beauty
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The brand also wrote that " is excited to be working with Bhad Bhabie" and that they chose her because she "speaks to an entire generation and doesn’t believe in hype and overpaying." 

After also recently signing a deal to become the face of Snapchat and her hit single "Hi Bitch" went gold… it’s safe to say Bhad Bhabie is in it to win it. 

Cash her outside, ok?