Grey's Anatomy Recap: Did MerLuca Hook Up?

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There was a lot up in the air as Grey's Anatomy made its triumphant return to the air on Thursday night. 

While the hospital was plunged into darkness, lives were on the line, but fans only had one thing on their minds:


Stuck in an Elevator

Meredith and DeLuca were trapped inside an elevator mere moments after the latter opened up about his strong feelings for the former. 

If fans thought they were in for one of the show's steamy hookups, then they were sorely mistaken. 

Meredith was too concerned about Cece's wellbeing. As you will recall, Meredith had a heart for Cece and was gearing up to harvest it to save the love guru. 

That was moments before the storm plunged the hospital into darkness. Desperate to prove his he was worthy of being her man, DeLuca pressed on with finding a way to escape. 

Before the elevator actually got moving, DeLuca persisted to get his point across to Meredith. He thought she was excellent, and he would be very interested in getting between the sheets with her. 

Meredith Celebrates the Dead

Grey was grinning from ear-to-ear, but she was not ready to get hot and heavy in an elevator.

Things took a turn when DeLuca revealed that his father was a famous surgeon in Italy. However, he operated on seven patients during a manic phase and saved four. 

He was tried but acquitted because he had money and connections. In a genuinely romantic moment, Mer asked her beau to speak to her in Italian. 

Here's the translated version of what he said:

“When you finally let me kiss you, and you will let me kiss you, I won’t ever stop.”

Mer understood every single word he said, and the pair got close. Then the freaking door opened. 

As for Cece, she started the hour in a bad way. Her vitals were dropping, and it was not looking good. 

Meredith Dressed Up For Her Date

“My old heart is jealous of my new one,” she told Maggie.

One of the new interns, Taryn, worried that Cece was about to pass away and there was no heart ready because it was trapped in another elevator. 

“I just think we’re gonna plummet, and Cece’s gonna die,” said Taryn to Bailey while in said elevator. 

On the outside, Jackson was going all out to save Cece and went as far as threatening the hospital's building manager because he wanted in that elevator stat. 

When the manager did actually he help, he got his legs crushed by the doors of the elevator. 

Cece continued to get closer to death and realized there was something amiss, so she chatted with Maggie about the surgeon's love life. 

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy

But the conversation was cut short when Cece flatlined. 

Meredith tried to save her life and was ecstatic there was a heartbeat. 

“We got a heartbeat,” Mer yelled. “Thank God — she told me she would haunt me.”

The next thing we knew, Mer was talking to Cece about her romantic interests, and the camera pulled back to reveal that Cece was dead. 

Looks like not everyone can win, you guys. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

elsewhere on this wild installment:

- Maggie wanted to break some more rules to tell Jackson about Catherine's cancer and sulked around the hospital as others told her not to. 

- Bailey had an epiphany: She loved Ben and wanted to make everything right. She texted him before reaching out to Karev to ask for his help. 

- Amelia, Teddy, and Owen all took the baby news well, with Teddy agreeing to stay in Seattle because the child could have two parents. In the end, Amelia said she was giving Owen time to consider his options. 

What are your thoughts on this wild midseason premiere?

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Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

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