Kody Brown & Jenelle Brown: Spouses AND Siblings, Bombshell Report Alleges!

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According to a stunning new report, Kody Brown has given new meaning to the series title Sister Wives.

There is now an emphasis on the SISTER, Radar Online explains.

Allow us to explain...

Kody Brown and Jenelle Brown

Kody and Janelle Brown were "spiritually" married way back on January 20, 1993, with the latter becoming Kody's second proverbial ball and chain after Meri.

They have six kids together.

But we've now learned that Kody’s father, William Winn Brown, was married to Janelle’s mother, Sheryl, at the time of his death in August of 2013 at age 78.

You can figure out what this means, right?

It means that Kody and Janelle are brother and sister AND husband and wife!

old wedding pic

To be clear, of course, they are not biologically related.

They are simply step-siblings., connected through the marriage of their marriage.

Still, though. This is yet another twist and turn in the saga of a show that has often garnered backlash for promoting the polygamous lifestyle.

The unusual family tree was actually discussed back in a 2013 episode of the TLC program.

Crazy Kody

“Before Kody and I were really courting, I was actually friends with his family,” Janelle explained on air, adding at the time:

“My mom was worried I was getting sucked into some polygamous cult. But she ended up meeting Kody’s dad and they ended up falling in love and getting married before Kody and I started courting.”

Imagine of Jan Brady got together with Greg Brady. That's basically what we're talking about here.

It's not incestuous, it's just... weird.

But that label can likely be applied to every aspect of Sister Wives by most of its fans, viewers, followers and, especially, critics.

Janelle Brown on Instagram

Last summer, meanwhile, Jenelle addressed rumors that she's leaving Kody and Sister Wives behind. 

In an indirect and yet pointed manner, that is.

"I’ve wanted to see U2 in concert since I was 19. Finally made it 30 years later and with my love. So dang excited," she wrote as a caption to a photo of her and Kody at a show.

We've shared this picture below.

Later, Jenelle responded to chatter about her plans to depart the series as "rubbish."

So there you have it, we guess.

Kody Brown, Janelle Brown at U2

In related news, Sister Wives will finally return with new episodes on Sunday, January 20.

Based on the trailer, it looks as though a major focus will shift from Jenelle's status to that of Meri, who has also been rumored for well over a year now to be sick and tired of her situation within the family.

Might she be on her way out?!?

Check out the preview below to see for yourself:

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