Catherine Agro: Meet This Season's Bachelor Villain! See Her Bikini Body!

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To those who tuned in for The Bachelor premiere on Monday, the following is not exactly breaking news.

But it still must be said:

Catherine Agro is not shy.

Catherine Agro Arrives

The aspiring wife of Colton Underwood arrived at the ABC mansion this past Monday night showing off both her legs and her dog, Lucy.

She made a solid first impression on the famous virginal star of Season 23, but she made a very different kind of impression on her fellow suitors.

Argo swooped in and stole Colton away conversations with other women on four separate occasions during this extended premiere, setting an unofficial record for interruptions, according to the Internet.

As you can see below, other contestants were not happy about it.

But it's clear Argo doesn't really care.

Did she head into this season with the goal of acting as some sort of villain? We can't say for sure.

She just seems to be embracing it at this point.

In her Instagram bio, which Catherine made public shortly after she started to gain some notoriety, the new reality star reveals that she is a twin, and an aspiring DJ.

She also says that she is a Christian and a real estate agent who attended the University of Florida.

Oh, and she also poses like this:

Catherine Agro Photo

"extra extra read all about it," Catherine captioned this racy bikini photo.

Doesn't sound like someone who plans on running for the attention bound to come her way, does it?

Catherine also tags the Bachelor Winter Games Instagram account in this picture, seemingly trying to get that program's attention ... and possibly hoping for an invitation to the show.

This certainly wouldn't be the first time a suitor used The Bachelor as a springboard to more appearances within the ABC reality show franchise.

But it does appear as if Colton may need to ask himself whether Catherine is in this for the right reasons.

Catherine Agro

Will her aggressive approach work?

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Without giving too much away, let's just tease that you'll be stunned by how many women simply quit the series this season. It's true!

See for yourself:

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