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Despite all of those times that Khloe Kardashian has begged fans to stop being mean to Tristan Thompson, they remember what he did.

And apparently, that’s what drove Tristan to lash out while playing basketball on Monday night.

He wishes that Khloe’s fans would just forget his cheating scandal — like Khloe did.

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On Monday night, Tristan Thompson faced off in a basketball game against the Brooklyn Nets.

During the game, he was heckled by fans in the audience.

Hey, at least this time he wasn’t being heckled by Kendall Jenner, right?

Tristan did not take it well.

In fact, he retaliated by flipping off the hecklers.

It was not super mature of him, but now we at least have an explanation for what was going on in his mind at the time.

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RadarOnline reports that Tristan is frustrated that he’s still receiving fallout from his huge cheating scandal.

"Tristan and Khloe have made their peace," the insider notes.

Some fans still can’t believe it, but she wants to make a life with him even after he humiliated her.

"She has forgiven him," the source affirms.

"And so," the insider continues. "Has her whole family."

What’s getting under Tristan’s skin is that not everyone is as forgiving as Khloe’s kin.

Cuddle for Khloe

"But the Karadshian fans cannot let things go," the source characterizes.

It’s pretty normal for fans of celebrities to remember the people who wronged their faves.

(Honestly, even people who don’t like Khloe will never look at Tristan the same way again)

"And it just got to him," the insider explains.

As the source puts it: "He isn’t used to this kind of in your face hatred."

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The inside source that lends insight into Tristan’s state of mind isn’t feeling super charitable about him.

It becomes clear that there’s more at play than just the toll of being mocked and hated for his cheating scandal.

"He’s young and kind of a brat," the insider characterizes.

"He is a super rich athlete," the source notes. "And he’s been getting killed lately."

"He tries to ignore things," the insider says. "But he can’t."

Everyone has their breaking point, we suppose.

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Was Tristan flipping the bird at basketball fans a sportsmanlike or classy move?


Was it understandable given the context?


Excusable? Maybe not.

But there’s a bigger question here.

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Is it fair for Khloe’s fans — and others — to continue giving Tristan a hard time?

He cheated, which is bad, because it’s a betrayal of trust and put his then-unborn daughter’s entire future in question.

Arguably worse, he humiliated Khloe on a global scale.

But while that’s definitely all very crappy behavior, it’s not, like, abuse or assault, which would earn him a lifetime of righteous hatred.

Cheaters aren’t necessarily loyal or even good people, but they’re not evil.

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Sometimes, fan culture can lose perspective of what’s good and what’s bad and can be overzealous in expressing those opinions.

But at the same time … it’s difficult to forget what Tristan put Khloe through.

It hasn’t even quite been eight months.

Maybe Tristan is being unreasonable by expecting fans to dismiss his wrongdoings so easily.

He got lucky with Khloe and her family. Fans … will be more difficult to charm.

And it will be a long time before the general public trusts him again.