Jill Duggar: Rebelling Against Jim Bob in the Least Expected Way Ever!

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We've all seen Jill Duggar defy Jim Bob's strict rules, but she's still a hardcore fundamentalist deep down ... right?

Maybe not.

One of Jill's most recent posts left fans stunned, and some followers praising her as an LGBT+ ally.

Jill Duggar Sells Shirts

On Monday, December 3, Jill Duggar shared a series of photos of shirts.

It's no surprise to see her endorsing products on social media -- it's a great source of income.

Smart reality stars know that they want to rake in as much dough as they can while they're famous.

And, in Jill's case, it's much better than the alternative where she and Derick beg fans for dubious donations.

But one of the photos that Jill chose to share caught the eye of her fans and followers.

jill duggar shares rainbow shirt

Though Jill is not wearing this particular shirt, she did upload the image to her Instagram to advertise.

The shirt depicts a large rainbow.

The text of the shirt reads: "Love without end, amen."

The rainbow has, for decades, been a widely recognized symbols of the LGBT+ community.

Paired with the words "love without end," it certainly sounds like Jill is saying that the LGBT+ community's love is valid.

That is very far from Duggar doctrine.

jill duggar shares christian shirt

(Other shirts were more explicitly religious without being controversial)

"I love the rainbow shirt," commented one followers. "Love without end…for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation."

A different fan wrote: "Omg love the LGBTQ shirt!!"

"Jill I am soo proud of you supporting the LGBTQ community," commented another. "I’m happy Der is not hatefilled anymore towards Jazz."

Derick's hateful comments towards trans teen TLC star Jazz Jennings led to his firing from the network.

The praise-filled comment concluded: "That’s what Jesus would do."

Jill and Derick Selfie

That praise from fans and followers was very sweet.

But ... is it deserved.

It may be that the shirt, as intended, is simply another Christian shirt.

Totally fine to sell, but not striking a blow for LGBT+ Christians everywhere.

After all, the rainbow plays a role in many faiths, including Christianity and Judaism.

In the narrative of Noah's Ark, a rainbow appears at the end as a promise of peace from God to Noah.

Could the meaning of the shirt be accidental? If so, Jill doesn't deserve credit for being inclusive.

Jill and Derick Love the Troops

But fans would certainly like to believe that she's a few steps in the right direction away from her husband, Derick.

Derick was fired for his transphobic attack against Jazz that played out over Twitter.

What possessed a grown man to throw away his career so that he could rail against a teenage girl is ... difficult to fathom.

He has since doubled down on his bigoted claims, going so far as to label parents of trans kids as "child-abusers" for accepting their children for who they are.

A lot of people would like to see Derick hold views that are more accepting and frankly less terrible.

At the very least, they want assurance that Jill and Derick do not see eye to eye when it comes to the LGBT+ community.

Jill Loves Derick

Ultimately, the intention of the rainbow shirt may not matter.

If this many people on Instagram immediately interpreted it as an olive branch to the LGBT+ community, then people in real life will, too.

The ambiguity of the shirt could also make it an ideal purchase for Christians -- and maybe LGBT+ Christians -- in intolerant households.

Why? Because the shirt gives plausible deniability. To LGBT+ folks, it's accepting.

To others, it could be presented as a reference to God's love with no other possible meaning.

How many LGBT+ kids grow up in intolerant environments but would like to see or even wear something like that in plain view?

Probably more than any of us would expect.

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