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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have not yet responded to the troubling cheating chatter surrounding their relationship.

Not in any sort of statement, that is.

But if a picture says a thousand words, well…

On Xmas Eve
Photo via Instagram

… the controversial couple just said a great deal, didn’t they?

Despite the ongoing rumor that Edwards was recently caught communicating with another woman on Tinder and via text message, Edwards’ mom, Jennifer Edwards, just posted a family photo of Edwards and his wife, Standifer, on Instagram.

“Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!” Jennifer penned as the caption the the image, which also features her and her husband, Larry Edwards.

You can see it above.

For whatever it’s worth Standifer also shared a family photo on her Instagram page … and she also wished her followers a "Merry Christmas."

But the snapshot didn’t feature herself or Edwards in the photo.

It simply included the twosome’s sons, including their new baby Jagger, along the two older boys that they share with previous partners.

Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Share First Photo of Baby Jagger Amid Rumors of Marital Strife
Photo via Instagram

Edwards, meanwhile, just got out of rehab after a lengthy stay, which included him actually missing Jagger’s birth.

But he needed to try and get sober after yet another arrest this year for drug possession.

Nearly as soon as he was a free man, however, Edwards was allegedly caught chatting up women on Tinder.

We cover this scandal at length HERE.

Sadly, however, this scandal goes far beyond alleged cheating on his wife.

Ryan Edwards: CAUGHT Drinking Post-Rehab!
Photo via MTV

There’s been talk that the troubled Teen Mom OG star also did cocaine with his Tinder side piece —  which we must say is a report we cannot confirm with any hard evidence.

But it’s hard not to consider it and wonder:

How does Ryan keep getting involved in this very sordid stories?

Radar Online actually shared screenshots of a text exchange between Edwards and his online paramour, where the woman asks him if he smokes.

He answers: "No I used to do H and I’ve been to rehab 3 times since I got out of the army so I don’t do sh-t anymore."

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Picture
Photo via Instagram

That’s great, right?

But Edwards later asks this person for a nude photo and tells her that he has a "long" one.

That’s not as great.

Eventually, this unnamed Tinder member spoke out about her hook-up with the MTV reality star, saying straight up:

"I gave him a blow job. He told me to sit on his face."

She added that Ryan was "good" at oral sex, and after that was done, "he flipped me over and then started to have sex with me. A minute later he went soft. It was embarrassing."


Click below to see what else this woman said…

… and then join us in pondering:

Does this Christmas photo mean all is forgiven?

Or is Standifer still set to lay the smackdown on her lying man?