Ryan Edwards: Back on Tinder After Rehab AND New Baby?!

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You know how Ryan Edwards just got out of a long stay in rehab and everybody had high hopes that he could actually turn his life around this time?

Yeah, about that ...

See, Ryan's done a lot of not-so-great things over the years.

Lots and lots of them.

One of those things is that he made a Tinder profile and tried to hook up with girls while married to Mackenzie Standifer.

He's done that a couple of times, and now?

Well, it looks like he's gone and done it again.

1. Dang It, Ryan

Dang It, Ryan
2018 just hasn't been Ryan's year, let's be honest.

2. Huh

But if 2018 hasn't been his year ... what year HAS been good for him?

3. Real Talk

Real Talk
Ryan's always been kind of a mess, right? Nearly 10 years ago when Maci was 16 and Pregnant, we saw him be pretty rude and indifferent about everything, and not much has changed since then.

4. Yup

He's never been a super active father, he's never gone out of his way to get along with Maci, or with anyone, really.

5. There It Is

There It Is
But a couple of years ago, it became increasingly clear that Ryan seemed to be suffering from some kind of substance abuse problem.

6. Awww

Last year, Maci confirmed that he had a drug problem on Teen Mom OG, and while she didn't say what his drug of choice was, she did say that she'd heard from mutual friends that things had taken a terrifying turn.

7. Oh No

Oh No
Now, of course, we know that Ryan was doing heroin, and we imagine that the frightening news Maci got was that he'd begun injecting it.

8. So Sad

So Sad
Last May, he and Mackenzie got married, and he was nodding off while driving to the ceremony.

9. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Shortly after that first wedding, Ryan spent a few weeks in rehab, which definitely wasn't enough.

10. Ryan, No

Ryan, No
And right after that, he was caught on Tinder for the first time.

11. Gross

Not only was he caught having a Tinder profile, but he sent some girl pictures of his penis and texted her seriously revolting things like "Let me see how pink it is" and "Come over I told you I’ll let u sit on my face so I could get u good and wet.”

12. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
That was last August, and since Ryan did move the conversation from Tinder messaging to texts, it was confirmed that it was actually him.

13. Oh, Honey

Oh, Honey
Mackenzie texted the girl herself, telling her to back off, and we heard reports that there was a bit of trouble in the marriage after that, but they obviously stayed together.

14. Come On Now

Come On Now
Since then, several more ladies have claimed to matched with Ryan on the dating app -- or at least someone claiming to be Ryan.

15. Hey, Shelby!

Hey, Shelby!
Also, his ex-girlfriend, Shelby Woods, has tweeted things like "Sometimes I just wanna be like, 'Hey sis, your husband is still hitting me up.' Buuuuut then I remember how delusional you are so I don't waste my time."

16. Hard to Keep Up

Hard to Keep Up
Oh, Shelby tweeted that earlier this year, after Ryan got arrested in March for violating his probation by failing a drug test.

17. Oh, Also This

Oh, Also This
And Mackenzie was pregnant with their first child at the time.

18. Ryan, Please

Ryan, Please
Look, it's hard to keep up with all the ways he's screwed up, but to wrap up the end of this sad, sorry saga, he got arrested again for violating his probation in July (this time by speeding), and after that, he went off to rehab for 90 days.

19. What a Time

What a Time
While he was gone, Mackenzie gave birth to a boy she named Jagger, and she moved in with her parents.

20. Happy?

But now he's back home, the family has been reunited, he looks healthier than ever, and things are good, right? RIGHT?

21. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Yeah, maybe, except for this one little thing.


According to a new report from Radar Online, Ryan is back on Tinder.

23. Seriously?

Yes, again.

24. Classic

For his profile photo, Ryan chose one from back in his still douchey but kind of hot days -- Teen Mom fans, you remember.

25. Confirmed

Radar spoke with the woman who sent them the screenshots of his profile (she matched with him, too), and they confirmed that the profile was real and current.

26. Is He Innocent?

Is He Innocent?
Though it is important to note that at this point, there's no way of knowing if the profile actually belongs to Ryan or if it's just someone pretending to be him.

27. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Honestly, it could go either way.

28. Not the Brightest

Not the Brightest
Some people might think that Ryan would be too smart to make another Tinder profile after getting caught before -- that if he wanted to cheat, he'd at least be a little more discreet.

29. Give Him This One, OK?

Give Him This One, OK?
Those people shouldn't underestimate Ryan's ability to be dumb.

30. Lots to Consider

Lots to Consider
Then again, if you're a bored Teen Mom fan, or a guy who wants nudes and is at least vaguely familiar with Teen Mom, or just someone who'd get some cheap thrills by seeing stories about their fake Tinder accounts on the internet, using Ryan's image makes sense.

31. Tough Call

Tough Call
So should we give him the benefit of the doubt? Just this once?

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