Lisa Rinna vs. Lisa Vanderpump: Former Co-Stars Take Their Feud to Twitter!

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We've already heard that Lisa Vanderpump is ghosting the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Now, Lisa Rinna is throwing shade at her castmate on social media.

She's poking fun at her her status as an absentee Housewife.

Lisa Rinna in a Dress

"Listen," Lisa Rinna said to her Twitter followers on Wednesday. "What we do, is not that hard."

Being on a reality series can be a lot of work, but if you're part of an ensemble, it makes life easier.

Those huge Real Housewives salaries don't hurt, either.

"We film for 4 months," she explains. "We laugh, fight, we make up, whatever."

"We make a tv show," she notes.

It's good that she mentions that. Some people still forget that reality television is rarely authentic. It's entertainment.

Lisa Rinna at the Reunion

"We are so blessed and so lucky to have a Job," Lisa continues.

It's good to see people who have been incredibly lucky in life acknowledge that.

"For those who watch," Lisa writes. "Thank you!"

"I felt like that needed to be said," she explains. "We aren’t curing cancer here. It’s a f--king tv show. Ya know?!"

"And," Lisa concludes. "I think we all make a darn good tv show."

Lisa Rinna at the Lake

Lisa Rinna then held an impromptu Q & A with her fans and followers.

One asked where Lisa Vanderpump might be, saying: "Can't get enough of her."

(Not all fans and followers keep up with news or know how to read the room, people)

Lisa quoted the tweet and issued a cutting reply.

"She’s on Vanderpump Rules," Lisa says.


Lisa Rinna shades Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter 5 December 2018

That, folks, is what we call shade.

It's not a read -- she is in no way explicitly insulting her castmate.

It's shade because her innocuous, truthful statement has a bite to it.

See, Lisa Vanderpump has been famously not getting along with her castmates on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Everyone is being very vague about the source of the contentiousness, but they all seem to agree that it exists.

Lisa Vanderpump is Sad

Lisa Vanderpump has had a difficult year, notably with the death of her brother.

But her castmates believe that this alone is not enough to explain or justify the way in which she has backed away from them.

Whether it's personal events or filming, a rift has formed among the Housewives.

Though Lisa has shot down rumors that she has left the series to focus on Vanderpump Rules, fans are scratching their heads.

Hopefully, it will eventually become clear why Lisa seems to be keeping her distance from everyone else.

Lisa Rinna at 53

We should note that Lisa Rinna answered more questions when speaking to her fans.

One of her followers did not like her characterization of ROHB as being a television show rather than some sort of documentary.

"But that's why your franchise sucks now," lamented the fan on Twitter. "You look at it as making a TV show and not being real."

"It is a tv show," Lisa replied. "We have cameras filming us Corey. That’s the truth."

Stating the name of an internet stranger can either be incredibly compassionate or powerfully dismissive.

This, we think, was the latter.

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