Jill Duggar: Is She Rebelling Against Jim Bob's Belief System?!

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The offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been showing some rebellious tendencies as of late.

Of course, we mean "rebellious" by the standards of the ultra-conservative Duggar clan.

Such acts as wearing pants instead of long skirts might not seem very defiant, but Jim Bob has an extremely low tolerance for insubordination.

Which may be why fans are freaking out about Jill seemingly rejecting his sacred belief system ... 

1. The Face of Rebellion?

The Face of Rebellion?
Jill might not seem like the type to publicly reject the belief system that her parents hold so dear.

2. The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist
She was the first Duggar woman of her generation to get married and start a family, and it initially looked as though she would carry on her parents' ideals unquestioningly.

3. Change Is Afoot

Change Is Afoot
Over the past few months, however, Jill has demonstrated a willingness to rebel against that strict belief system.

4. Whose Footsteps?

Whose Footsteps?
At first, it was widely theorized that Jill was inspired by the example of her sister Jinger, who became the first to defy the well-known Duggar dress code.

5. The Derick Factor

The Derick Factor
Now, however, it looks more like Jill is taking her cues from her husband, Derick Dillard, whose beliefs often conflict with Jim Bob's.

6. The Pants Dance

The Pants Dance
It's because of Derick that Jill is permitted to wear pants. And that's not the only way life has changed in the Dillard household in recent months.

7. Kicked to the Curb

Kicked to the Curb
Back in November of 2017, Derick was fired by TLC after launching a bigoted social media tirade against a fellow network star.

8. A Time of Change

A Time of Change
In the months since, there have been some significant changes in Jill and Derick's relationship.

9. Blind Loyalty

Blind Loyalty
Jill quit the show in solidarity with her husband. Unfortunately, that left the Dillard household without any means of support.

10. The Judgment of Jim Bob

The Judgment of Jim Bob
Rumors that Jim Bob doesn't approve of Derick have been circulating for years, and the fact that Dillard's actions left his family without a source of income probably didn't do him any favors in his father-in-law's estimations.

11. An Independent Woman

An Independent Woman
There was a time when Jill supported her family by working as a midwife, one of the few professions that's open to women in the Duggars' world.

12. Derick Dillard, Attorney at Law?

Derick Dillard, Attorney at Law?
These days, Derick Dillard is once again showing an interest in entering the workforce, having recently enrolled in law school.

13. Help From Home

Help From Home
Of course, Duggar men don't do anything on their own, and higher education is no exception. Jill has been helping Derick study and has even attended some of his lectures with him.

14. A Two-Pronged Offensive

A Two-Pronged Offensive
Jill is committed to getting her family's finances back on track, which means helping her husband to earn his degree, as well as employing cost-cutting measures around the home.

15. There's the Rub

There's the Rub
The Duggars believe that material wealth is an expression of God's grace, and as such, they place a tremendous amount of faith in preachers who double as financial advisors.

16. Side Note

Side Note
That sounds almost unbelievably sketchy to us and seems to fly in the face of many of the core teachings of the Bible, but that's a conversation for another time.

17. Jill Goes Against Jim Bob

Jill Goes Against Jim Bob
Jill recently posted a photo of herself watching a web series by preacher/financial planner Dave Ramsey. Fans took note as Jim Bob has endorsed Ramsey's main competitor Jim Sammon.

18. The Accountant/Pastor

The Accountant/Pastor
Both Ramsey and Sammon are preachers who focus on instructing Christians on methods by which to attain material wealth, but they're at odds on certain key doctrinal issues.

19. It Doesn't Take Much...

It Doesn't Take Much...
Insiders say this minor difference in preference has created yet another rift, as Jim Bob doles out his endorsements very carefully. It sounds like a foolish thing to fight over, but you can bet it's been added to the long list of reasons that JB doesn't approve of his first son-in-law.

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