Jenelle Evans Gives Son a Gun for Christmas. Seriously.

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Jenelle Evans will never, ever learn.

"What won't she learn?" you may be wondering to yourself, if you're not overly familiar with Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Evans with Jace

The answer, dear friends, is "literally anything."

Jenelle has been acting a fool on television for years and years at this point, and while she does change from time to time, she never gets better.

Back in the day, she smoked too much weed and ditched her son, Jace, with her mother, who she treated like garbage.

After that, she got into several abusive relationships and developed an addiction to heroin.

Jenelle Evans Dude Shirt

She had another kid, Kaiser, with another jackass, even though she still hadn't gotten back custody of Jace.

And when that relationship went south, as they always do, she hooked up with David Eason shortly after, and now here we are.

In the darkest of times.

Since she's been with David, she's slowly turned into a gun-loving Trump supporter with aggression problems and a knack for picking fights at any given opportunity.

Jenelle, Dave Eason

So basically, she's turned into David.

The problem is that David himself has been getting worse and worse as time goes on.

When he and Jenelle started dating, he was a lot like her previous guys -- he had a couple of restraining orders against him, and he'd spent some time in the local jail.

But now he's he's being investigated by the Secret Service for seemingly threatening the president's life, so ...

Jenelle and David Hiking

There was a bit of a jump there, yeah.

See, so much of David and Jenelle's descent into madness has had to do with guns.

The Secret Service mess, that time she nearly got herself killed by following a stranger home and pulling a gun on him because of road rage ...

The list goes on, but boy, do these people not know how to be responsible gun owners.

Jace's toy gun

And that's why a lot of people don't really love the fact that they gave Jace a gun for Christmas.

Yeah, it's a toy gun, and that's a lot better than getting him an assault rifle just like his stepdaddy's.

Lots of kids have toy guns, but lots of kids don't have David Eason as a parental figure, you know?

But in addition to gifting the toy gun, David also shared a video of Jace shooting a real gun on Snapchat yesterday.

Jace with real gun

For Teen Mom fans, none of these things are good ideas.

Over on Twitter, one person wrote that she was "concerned" that everything that's been going on "is going to give Jace ideas on how they might become proud of him if he does something with these guns."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm pro gun, but under the right circumstances," another person said. "These are NOT the right circumstances."

"I could see when J & D get in a huge fight, Jace going to get one of David's guns, loading it and shooting David to protect Jenelle."

Jenelle with Jace and Barbara

Someone else tweeted "If I was Barb I would not let Jace go over and I'd take it to court, she has primary custody & gets to make the decision if he can handle a gun or not."

"David is not stable and I'm sorry but Jace has to have psychological issues going on with all this sh-t in his life."

There are tons and tons of concerns with pretty much everything going on in Jenelle's home, but this really is a huge one.

Even if Barbara, who does have full custody of Jace, is fine with him shooting guns and playing with toy guns, it's sort of surprising she's not taking action after the whole Secret Service mess.

Let's just ... let's just hope for the best for this poor kid, OK?

With the parents he has, he's going need all the well wishes he can get.

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