Teen Mom 2 Trailer: Jenelle Evans' Marriage Implodes, Leah Finds Love, Adam Still Sucks & Much More!!

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They're baaaack.

During Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, MTV revealed that Teen Mom 2 will be returning for a ninth season on January 14.

And based on the first trailer, it looks as though we're in for a doozy.

The birth of Chelsea Houska's third child, Leah Messer's relationship with Jason Jordan, and Jenelle Evans' 911 call after being assaulted by her husband will all be featured.

Needless to say, almost a decade into its run, TM2 is far from running out of steam.

Take a look:

1. The Past Is Back

The Past Is Back
That's the trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 9. But based on the first trailer, it seems the Moms are all looking to the future.

2. Drama, Drama, Drama

Here's the first official preview of the show's ninth season. And it looks as though change is afoot for the entire cast.

3. Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?
Interestingly, the trailer does begin with some blast from the past moments, as Jenelle reconnects with her first baby daddy.

4. Kail's Mom

Kail's Mom
Kailyn Lowry's estranged mother will apparently also factor into this season. Based on the trailer, we're guessing that reunion doesn't go well.

5. A Tense Relationship

A Tense Relationship
Kail has blasted her mom in the past for her negligence and destructive alcoholism.

6. Flashback to the Bad Times

Flashback to the Bad Times
Kail's not the only one dealing with the fallout from a relationship she'd rather forget, as Chelsea Houska is forced to once again lock horns with Adam Lind.

7. Bad Dad

Bad Dad
It seems Lind is once again making life difficult for Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea.

8. Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future
Of course, it's not all the doom and gloom of the past this season, as Leah Messer looks forward to a future with her new boyfriend.

9. Getting Serious

Getting Serious
Leah is currently dating Jason Jordan. The pair recently reconciled after a brief split.

10. Moving On

Moving On
In fact, it seems all of the moms are looking forward, as Kail reconciles herself to a future in which her kids will have no relationship with her mother.

11. A Growing Family

A Growing Family
Chelsea, of course, welcomes a third child named Layne.

12. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
And Briana DeJesus celebrates her relationship with her new man, about whom very little is known.

13. All Smiles

All Smiles
Yes, it seems all of the moms have a lot to look forward to this season.

14. Happy Endings

Happy Endings
And at first, it looks as though the trailer will end on an unexpected high note.

15. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
But then the trailer shifts its focus back to Jenelle and her sad family situation.

16. The Attack

The Attack
As you may recall, Jenelle alleged back in October that she was assaulted by her husband, David Eason.

17. Hard Times

Hard Times
Though David was fired from the show in February, it looks as though TM2 will address the fallout from his assault on Jenelle.

18. Times Are Changing

Times Are Changing
All-in-all, it seems there are quite a few surprises in store for the moms.

19. More Ups Than Downs

More Ups Than Downs
And despite the many challenges they'll face, it seems that, as the trailer states, their futures are worth fighting for.

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