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Another day, another round of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton rumors.

We know you’ve heard it all before:

Gwen and Blake Happy

Gwen and Blake are planning and wedding, and then they’re gonna start cranking out babies like it’s going out of style (which, according to birth rate statistics, it sort of is).

But this time, there’s a twist:

Insiders are claiming that Gwen and Blake are already married, and they started the ball rolling on the process of welcoming a child via surrogacy.

Blake with Gwen
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Maybe this is just the ‘bloids and blogs way of stepping their game up, since people are starting to grow tired of the same round of engagement rumors.

But maybe — just maybe — this is the real deal and Gwen and Blake are secretly hitched with a baby on the way.

The first rumor comes to us courtesy of the folks at The Globe, who claim that issued Blake an ultimatum: propose or get lost.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Kiss on IG
Photo via Instagram

“It’s now or never, baby," Gwen allegedly said, in a scene that’s virtually impossible to envision.

The source claims that Shelton and Stefani then “snatched up a marriage license and got hitched by a preacher in the privacy of their hotel room.” 

We’re sure Blake loves the country song details here, including the hotel room preacher, but we find it hard to believe that after all this time together, these two would go to the trouble of keeping their marriage a secret.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Well Wishes
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The second round of rumors began with a report in the new issue of Us Weekly, which claims that Blake and Gwen are well on their way to selecting a surrogate:

“They are in the final stages of choosing the woman who will carry their baby. It’s extremely important to Gwen that she give Blake a biological child, and Blake is so excited,” the insider explains.

Gwen already has kids, and she’ll turn 50 in 2019, but it seems Blake wants a child of his own and won’t take no for an answer.

Shelton and Stefani
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“He wants his own child too," says the source.

“Gwen just is so in awe of the love Blake has, not only for her but for the boys.”

So there you have it!

Gwen and Blake might be married they might have a kid on the way; they might just be dating and not planning on having kids at all!

Ya never know with these crazy kids!