Bristol Palin Gets Roasted on Instagram, Attempts to Fight Back

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So far the casting of Bristol Palin on Teen Mom OG isn't working out for anyone involved.

Bristol gets paid more than any of the other cast members, and her fame was supposed to help to increase the show's ratings.

Bristol Palin as a Teen Mom

That didn't happen.

In fact, as Starcasm reports, ratings for the long-running series have been steadily declining since it returned to the airwaves in March of 2015.

(The show was on hiatus from 2012 to 2015 due to Amber Portwood's imprisonment, and it never quite recovered.)

The New OGs!

At its peak, TMOG pulled in over 3.5 million viewers an episode.

These days, it draws an audience of less than a million.

Part of the problem is that the show's resident villain, Farrah Abraham, was fired before the start of this season, creating a serious drama vacuum.

Bristol as a Teen Mom

Producers attempted to fill the void by adding new cast members Bristol and Cheyenne Floyd, but thus far, viewers aren't taking the bait.

The reaction to Bristol, in particular, has ranged from apathetic to vitriolic, as fans attempt to puzzle out why a member of one of America's most reviled political families has been shoehorned into an otherwise apolitical reality show.

By any measure, the Bristol experiment has failed, and it seems that Palin is taking all the criticism from fans to heart:

Bristol Comment

And Bristol used a painfully lame defense when responding to a fan who maligned her during the airing of Monday night's new episode.

"[MTV] you really need to take [Bristol] off Teen Mom OG," the angry viewer wrote on Instagram.

"This chick is soooo damn ditzy and dum. Why is she so worried about her sons money if it's for his trust fund for college?!?!

"He's not going anytime soon!!!!"

Bristol Arrives

“dumb.. if you’re going to criticize me, at least be grammatically correct," Bristol replied.

Okay -- she's certainly correct in her assertion that there are some grammatical and spelling errors in that post, but it's not like the fan didn't get her message across.

And resorting to criticizing your opponent's grammar is generally a good sign that you're lacking a decent counterargument.

Bristol Palin Looks Unhappy

Oh, and it took us about 4 seconds of scrolling through Bristol's socials to find some egregious assaults on grammar and syntax, so she probably shouldn't continue to go there with fans.

As for what the future holds for Bristol -- that's anyone's guess.

The exact terms of her contract are a mystery, but it's hard to believe she'll be back for another season at her current salary.

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