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A reddit user by the name of Laika_cat posted a redacted screencap of a truly ridiculous email.

In the email, which was allegedly written by a wedding coordinator, guests are givena  list of demands.

A few of them are totally normal — don’t wear white, please let us know if you’re bringing a plus one. That’s all fine and not what has everyone so bewildered.

No, the bride is demanding that anyone invited bring a gift of sufficient value if they want to be admitted.

And she’s also laying down the law about what guests can do, from social media activity to what they drink to how they can do their hair and makeup.

Technically, the email is purportedly from the wedding coordinator, but a number of clues make people believe that the bride wrote it herself.

Take a look at what true absurdity looks like and ask yourself if you would even bother attending.