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In September, Amanda Stanton was arrested for domestic battery against her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs.

Though even misdemeanor domestic violence is serious, Amanda insisted that it was just a huge misunderstanding.

Now, the charges against her have been dismissed.

Amanda Stanton Mug Shot
Photo via Las Vegas PD

The Clark County District Attorney’s office tells Entertainment Tonight that the domestic violence case against Amanda Stanton has been dismissed.

Amanda was arrested in September.

The arrest followed some sort of altercation with her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs.

After the incident went down in a Las Vegas hotel room, Amanda was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery domestic violence.

At the time, she entered a plea of not guilty.

Now, she has shaken off the charge and shared this photo of her with Bobby Jacobs, showing that they’re happily still together.

Bobby Jacobs and Amanda Stanton
Photo via Instagram

Domestic violence can take many forms, but all are serious.

In this case, hotel security were called to a room over a noise complaint.

This is where Amanda allegedly walked up to Bobby and shoved him.

The alleged shove was hard enough that hotel security contacted police.

Upon arrival, police found sufficient evidence to arrest Amanda on the misdemeanor charge.

However, according to a statement released by Amanda’s rep, this whole situation may be a simple misunderstanding.

Amanda Stanton and Ben Jacobs
Photo via Instagram

Amanda Stanton shared her side of the story through her rep.

"Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened," the statement begins.

"And," the statement continues, Amanda "sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department."

For the inconvenience of having arrested her, we imagine.

"Amanda is a gentle, respectful person," the statement says.

She is described as someone "who has never gotten physical with anyone under any circumstance."

To clarify, they mean physically violent.

Amanda Stanton, Boyfriend
Photo via Instagram

We have to hand it to Team Amanda, because this statement strikes exactly the right tone.

It’s extremely remorseful yet presents it all as a misunderstanding — but also blames absolutely no one.

"That evening," the statement continues. "She had a few drinks at a bachelorette party."

"And," the rep says. "When hotel security asked her and Bobby to quiet down, she got a bit rambunctious."

Hotel security was apparently responding to a noise complaint.

"Amanda gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove;" the rep explains.

Amanda Stanton, Kids
Photo via Instagram

"Hotel security did their job and reported the incident to the police," the statement reads.

Of the police, the statement then says: "who in turn did their job."

"Despite Bobby explaining this was not an ill-intended shove," the rep reports. "The police still had to do their job."

A lot of jobs seem to be getting performed in this statement.

This is a decision "which Amanda completely respects and understands."

In Vegas, as in many other placs, police responding to a domestic battery call must arrest one party or the other.

Amanda Stanton in a Bra
Photo via Instagram

Domestic violence is no joke under any circumstances.

We hope that the facts that the charges have been dropped and Bobby is still with her means that this was, truly, a misunderstanding.

(Charges being dropped in and of themselves do not always mean much, as we have all seen with very real domestic abusers)

A lot of people adore Amanda and would hate to believe that she’s not the person they thought she was.

We hope that the Bachelor Nation can learn from this.

Don’t shove your partner, even playfully.

A lot of people will take it seriously because it’s their job to take it seriously.