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As a certified member of Bachelor Nation, Amanda Stanton has been involved in her fair share of scandals.

She got engaged to Josh Murray, for example, only to end the romance in December 2016, a few months after Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 ended.

Amanda then dated Robby Hayes on Season 4 of this same show; only for him to allegedly cheat on her with another woman.

Amanda Stanton and Ben Jacobs
Photo via Instagram

So Stanton has been a bit unlucky in love.

But Amanda was at the center of a very different kind of scandal early Monday morning…

… when she got ARRESTED for domestic battery.

According to various sources and outlets, Stanton and boyfriend Ben Jacobs were among the guests at a co-ed bachelorette party.

They were very drunk and hanging out in a Las Vegas hotel room when security responded to a noise complaint.

While Jacobs spoke to a guard, Stanton supposedly pushed her man, prompting a call to the police.

They took Stanton into custody, charged her and snapped the following snapshot:

Amanda Stanton Mug Shot
Photo via Las Vegas PD

Crazy, right?

What the heck happened?!?

We don’t have every last detail at the moment, but…

“Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened and sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department,” Stanton’s rep, Steve Honig, tells People Magazine.

The rep adds:

“Amanda is a gentle, respectful person who has never gotten physical with anyone under any circumstance.” 

Honig explains that the Bachelor in Paradise veteran (who also finished fourth on Season 20 of The Bachelor) had “a few drinks” prior to her arrest.

Amanda Stanton, Kids
Photo via Instagram

“When hotel security asked her and Bobby to quiet down, she got a bit rambunctious,” he says, continuing;

“Amanda gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove; hotel security did their job and reported the incident to the police, who in turn did their job.”

Jacobs even told the cops it "was not an ill-intended shove," but "Amanda completely respects and understands" why they took the action that they took.

Stanton was released shortly after she was taken into custody and, we assume, will need to appear in court at some point for a hearing.

But we aren’t certain about that.

Amanda Stanton Shines
Photo via Getty

Jacobs and Stanton made several months after after the former slid into the latter’s direct messages.

Since then, Amanda has shared numerous photos of herself, her lover and her two kids.

They really do seem very happy together and they have no intention on breaking up after this incident.

"Amanda doesn’t know where it’s going to go yet because they’re still getting to know each other, but so far so good!" an insider told E! News recently.

At this point, as long as Stanton doesn’t go back to any detention centers in Nevada, she’ll probably be happy.