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Sofia Richie can’t even legally buy a drink in the US, and Scott Disick is old enough and alcoholic enough that he’s already sucked up all the booze the rest of the world has to offer.

But despite their age difference, Sofia has apparently assumed the role of Scott’s stepmom.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad

We say this because of a new report that claims Sofia is fighting hard for the right to spend Christmas with her special little guy.

As you may recall, Scott spent Thanksgiving with Kourtney Kardashian and the former couple’s three kids.

Somewhat understandably, Sofia was apparently wounded by this decision, particularly since Kourt took the opportunity to pose for some sexy pics with Scott.

Scott Holds Sofia

(It was a little weird, considering their kids were obviously in the room at the time the pics were taken, but hey — sometimes you can’t let decorum stand in the way of your pettiness.)

So we’re not surprised by reports that Sofia is now doing her best to avoid a similar situation at Christmas.

“Sofia wants to steal Scott away from Kourtney for a romantic trip during the holidays,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on Snapchat

“Sofia wants to spend quality time alone with Scott after Christmas and during New Years.”

And apparently, Richie has made it quite clear that Kourtney is not invited on this excursion:

“She does not want to lose Scott to Kourtney and give his ex more time to take and post more pics of them together," the source says.

"Sofia is even open to bringing Scott’s kids along for a ski vacation or maybe somewhere tropical, as long as Kourtney is not involved.”

Sofia Richie Models in Red

But since Scott and Kourtney are finally getting along again, he’s apparently hesitant about pissing his ex off.

Instead, Disick has proposed what he thinks is the perfect compromise:

He’ll simply invite Sofia to Kris Jenner’s house.


According to the insider, Scott has “made it clear that he would love to bring Sofia to the annual Christmas Eve party.”

“Last year he wasn’t able to bring her as his plus one and it was hard on him,” the source tells Hollywood Life.

“He didn’t enjoy having to feel divided. The party is at [Kim Kardashian’s] house and she has no issue with him dating Sofia.”

Not surprisingly, Kourtney is reportedly less than thrilled with this idea.

Smirk from Kourtney

“Kourtney has discussed holiday plans with Scott and made him aware how much it would mean to her and the kids to celebrate all together with their whole family," the insider claims.

"Kourtney understands that Scott may feel torn when it comes to splitting his time with Sofia, and with their family, but Kourtney feels the kids’ needs should always come first.”

And apparently, Kourt has been strongly hinting that bringing his barely-legal girlfriend to her family’s Christmas party would be one of the biggest dumbass ideas in a lifetime of dumbass ideas.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane

“Kourtney really hopes Scott makes what she believes is the right decision in her eyes and spends the holidays as a family," a different source tells HL. 

"Scott has mentioned bringing Sofia along to celebrate with them, but Kourtney doesn’t know if she’s ready to make a big step like that just yet.”

We strongly urge Scott not to go through with this plan — unless, of course, there will be a camera crew on hand, in which case, he simply must.