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Very few 90 Day Fiance couples turned as many heads as Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali. Their relationship seemed like a disaster from the start — and that’s how it ended.

These days, Danielle says that marrying Mohamed was a mistake. And she’s now opening up about how she found out that he was a no good dirty cheater.

She’s also shedding some light on what went on behind the scenes.

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In an interview with InTouch, Danielle Mullins explains how she used social media to discover that Mohamed was cheating on her during their ill-fated marriage.

Danielle reveals that, during her sleuthing, she would even make contact with women she suspected of being, well, his mistress.

Danielle says: "I would even message the women to see what was going on."

"One of the incidents with Mohamed," Danielle dishes. "I had found a receipt and I had found the ladies’ name."

She used social media to identify the woman.

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Danielle says that she found the woman’s profile "and I had reached out to her."

Initially, however, the woman was not willing to chat.

"At first," Danielle says. "She blocked me."

That’s an understandable knee-jerk response if a woman even thinks that you have something going on with her husband.

It sounds like this woman did some soul-searching, however.

"And then," Daniell says. "A couple days later she ended up unblocking me and saying, ‘Look, if I was married to this person, I would want to know the truth.’"

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Danielle says that Mohamed had been using this woman as his own personal piggy-bank.

"And then that’s when she came out and told me," Danielle reveals. "She’s been sending [him] money."

There was more, Danielle shares. This woman was chatting up Mohamed "and she was trying to get him to come to Canada."

Canada is a nice place with great weather — if Danielle and America weren’t working out, this woman wondered if she might tempt him to head up north.

Danielle says that the woman wanted Mohamed "to go into business with him and stuff like that."


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After sharing how she did her own personal investigating into her now ex-husband, Danielle does admit that she feels embarrassed by how she seemed on the show.

Viewers of 90 Day Fiance thought that Danielle is unstable

"[That’s] not really me," Danielle protests.

"I’ve tried to explain that because in the heat of the moment, you say something, you do something you normally wouldn’t do," Danielle says.

Of course, plenty of folks would say that your behavior in a bad moment is what defines your true character, not how you think that you act when everything’s good.

"Normally, when I went to Miami," Danielle says, recalling when she went to catch Mohamed cheating. "I would have never contacted Mohamed but he had pissed me off."

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So, remember when Danielle and Mohamed had such an intense argument outside that the police were called?

Danielle says that viewers never got the whole story.

"The Miami scene, when I first walked into the apartment," Danielle explains. "The stalker fan who I thought I was friends with was inside the apartment and I was not talking with her in there."

So, a fan befriended Danielle and also Mohamed, who were both new to being reality stars. Danielle did not like encountering this fan at Mohamed’s apartment.

"So that’s how we ended up out in the street," Danielle explains. "’Cause she was in there and she wouldn’t leave and I wasn’t going to talk with her there because it wasn’t her business."

Kind of weird to argue that a conversation had on camera for a reality show isn’t someone’s business, but … sure.

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Danielle’s display name on social media is still Danielle Jbali. Fans and followers ask her why that is, and recently, she took to Instagram to explain.

"It is costly," Danielle said, referring to changing her legal name.

"First I would have to go to court, then you have these documents to change it on that cost a fee," Danielle explains.

She then lists other things, such as "drivers license, passport, STNA license, school id and then you have the time to go to all those places and other places such as social security, utilities, doctors, banks, insurance, and so many other places."

Legally changing your name is a massive headache.

"Why do you care what name I use does it affect your life?" Danielle asks her fans. "I use my legal name on all my social media."