Danielle Bregoli Throws Her Drink at Iggy Azalea, Heralds the Apocalypse

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We have ourselves a real Alien vs Predator situation, because there's no good guy in this feud. Whoever wins, we lose.

Danielle Bregoli wants Iggy Azalea to cash her ousside. To make the scenario even sweeter, it happened at a Cardi B party.

After Danielle hurled a drink at Iggy, the two went off on each other on social media.

Iggy Azalea with a wet wig

On Wednesday, November 14, the Fashion Nova X Cardi B launch party saw a bit of a tiff between two guests.

This time, nobody was throwing shoes -- but instead it was a drink that hurtled through the air.

Iggy Azalea took to social media at the party to share that she was attacked -- sort of -- by Danielle Bregoli.

"Am I just going to have a half and half wig for the rest of the night?" Iggy asked.

"So the Dr. Phil girl is really upset about me apparently," she said, bewildered. "And thought I’d fight a child?!"

"LOL Anyway!" Iggy said, eager to move on. "The fashion nova party is LIT!"

Danielle Bregoli at Fashion Nova X Party

Danielle Bregoli took to social media herself to explain her beef with Iggy.

"It’s simple,” Danielle writes. “Don’t talk all sorts of s--t on the internet and n [sic] come up to me like u [sic] my friend."

"Some of these hoes like u [sic] fake n [sic] 2 faced [sic] as f--k," Danielle accuses.

"But," Danielle says. "I’m not that bich [sic]."

Well that clears things up.

(We think that she's saying that she believes that Iggy was disparaging her online prior to the party)

Iggy Azalea, No Bra

Iggy later elaborated on social media in a series of tweets.

"I literally was standing there taking pictures wide open no security," she shares. "Felt water thrown on my wig."

For the record, Danielle also confirmed that it was water. So, at least nobody handed the now 15-year-old rapper vodka to yeet.

"Turned around and saw all these people scuffling and screaming," she continues. "I thought there was a fight in that section."

There sort of was -- and she was part of it.

"I was confused as f--k about what was going on," Iggy admits.

"Then some fat girl started yelling and my friend raven jumped over a sofa and was tryna fight that fat girl," Iggy adds.


Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out in a Car

"I saw some red hair," Iggy's recollection of the evening continues. "And saw it was the Dr Phil girl."

Iggy is all kinds of problematic, but we have to give her props for declining to even use Danielle's name.

"I couldn’t hear a thing she said," Iggy elaborates. "It’s a club and she was far.”

“The security escorted her out," Iggy says.

"And she logged on to the gram from the parking lot I guess to claim her clout for what I don’t know," she adds.

Iggy Azalea Red Carpet Image

Iggy says that she didn't let it bother her: "I stayed and enjoyed the night."

"No one approached me," she adds.

"Her own babysitters moved her further and further way from me until I couldn’t see her," Iggy reveals.

"It was some ‘hold me back’ fake fight reality TV vibes," Iggy characterizes. "Then she was escorted out."

That sounds positively surreal.

Danielle Bregoli, Contemplative

Danielle continued to lash out on social media.

"Glad u left wit a bag," she said of Iggy's gift bag. "Cuz u certainly ain’t making no money from music anymore."

We know that Danielle is an up-and-coming rapper whose music is breaking records, but that's an odd insult.

Iggy is still a big-name rapper and her estimated net worth is twice Danielle's.

Also, Iggy is not currently on probation.

Danielle cannot honestly say the same.

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