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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna may seem like an odd couple, but they share a common desire to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous without developing any talents or doing any real work.

Thus far, they’ve both been remarkably successful in their efforts to cling to the good life through their associations with other people so in a way, it makes perfect sense that they’ve decided to join forces and feed off each other’s fame:

Blac Chyna's Butt and Rob Kardashian's Socks

In case you don’t recognize it from the thousands of other photos she’s posted online that’s Blac Chyna’s ass, and it’s perched over some footwear from Rob Kardashian’s sock line.

Did you forget that Rob Kardashian is a "sock designer"? Yeah, we’re pretty sure he did, too.

Anyway, Blac posted that pic along with the droplets of water Emoji, so just to be safe, don’t ever accept a pair of used socks from Blac Chyna.

In case you’re not up on the latest on Blac-Rob (’90s hip hop reference, anyone?), we now have reason to believe that Chyna and Kardashian are engaged, and we’re sure the rest of the Kard clan is just over the moon about it. 

Of course, the betrothal may soon face it’s first challenge, as sources say Drake plans to bang Blac after the NBA All-Star Game this weekend.

But we’re sure Rob has nothing to worry about. 

Who would want a an internationally famous, platinum-selling recording artist when you could have…a reclusive sock designer?