Pete Davidson Returns to Instagram, Gets Bodied By Ariana Grande Fans

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If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past few weeks, then you're probably aware of two shocking and immutable truths:

They did surgery on a grape, and Ariana Grande broke up with Pete Davidson.

Ariana Grande with Pete Davidson

Now, the former fact makes zero damn sense, but the latter is something that most folks saw coming a mile away.

Pete and Ariana were both fresh from long-term relationships, and their romance seemed to be entirely centered around grand gestures -- never a good sign.

So it didn't come as a tremendous shock when the whole thing flamed out in ugly fashion.

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

There's been much speculation as to why Pete and Ariana broke up, and we while may never get a satisfactory answer to that question, it's clear these two didn't part ways on good terms.

Which may be why Pete deleted everything from his Instagram page and laid low on social media for a few weeks following the split.

But now he's back -- and as anticipated, Ariana fans have much to say to Pete.

Pete Davidson Takes on Kanye West

Apparently, Davidson appears in a film called Big Time Adolescence that was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival.

We know this because he posted a series of photos with his co-star, noted Eminem punching bag Machine Gun Kelly.

"see you at sundance muthfuckas," Pete captioned the pics.

Pete With MGK

Ariana stans swarmed immediately, of course.

Most commented with some variation on "thank u, next," a reference to Ari's recent song about her past relationships.

But a few got more creative.

"Pete - you’re adorable but you look like a crackhead," wrote one conflicted fan.

Pete Davidson on IG

"McDonald's has an opening for you sweetie," commented another.

"Nah still don't like him," remarked one user, who apparently prefers the more direct approach.

You get the idea.

Of course, there are some folks out there who are still lamenting the breakup and hoping for a reconciliation.

Ariana Grande Rides Pete Davidson

"You and Ari were meant to be together," commented one such hopeless.

We can't help but think that person was watching a different relationship then we were.

We're guessing Pete and MGK have a lot to talk about these days.

Most people can't relate to being bodied on multiple songs by a platinum-selling icon.

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